Warsaw Loses Nailbitter To Knob Noster On Friday

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Even though the Warsaw Wildcats lost 44 - 40 Friday night. Coach Ryan Boyer was happy with his team. He could be heard saying across the field “Now that was a football game”! Later he commented, that although we lost, I was happy with the effort we gave tonight. We had ten times of heart than we had last week. I told the kids last week “We instead of Me” “and I guess they got it”. 
Warsaw had 10 penalties for 45 yards, with numerous conferences among the referees. Zach Chapman,  who had an interception in the first quarter last week, recovered a short kick-off from the side lines to give Warsaw good field position. A few plays later quarterback Matt Couzens scored on 15 yard keeper at the 10:09 mark. Couzens in only his second game as quarterback has already put his name in the Warsaw record book. He had a 12 for 22 performance with 312 yards, breaking a 25 year old record by Brandon Morrow of 257 yards. 
Knob Nobster would come right back in almost a minute as quarterback Stevie Elwell, who is a state wrestling champion, would pitch the ball to Iverson Sirom, who ran 74 yards for a touchdown after a successful PAT the Panthers led 8 - 6. 
After each team had a score called back, the Wildcats would pull one of the greatest fakes in recent Warsaw history. After a called time out with Knob Noster with twelve men on the field. Warsaw would fake a punt, with Couzens hitting Clayton Simons for 44 yards to take them down to the five yard line. Then Eli Hawkins would score on a three yard pass. After they failed the two point conversion, the Wildcats lead 12 - 8. Then Knob Noster would score on a short rushing touchdown to give the Panthers a 14 - 12 lead. 
On the first play of the second half, Eli Hawkins would catch an 11 yard pass and scramble 63 yards for a 74 yard passing touchdown. The failed PAT made the score 18 - 14. Then Knobs quarterback would pass to Lane Elwell to score to put Knob ahead 22 - 18. With a successful PAT at the end of the 3rd quarter Knob now lead 28 - 18. 
In the 4th quarter, Kieon Davis would take off for a 12 yard touchdown. He then converted the PAT to pull his team within 26 - 28. Warsaw would then recover their 2nd kick-off fumble of the night at the Panthers 35 yard line. Then on 4th and 6, Davis would score again. Couzens would make the PAT making it 34 - 28 with seven minutes to go in the game. 
Knob Noster responded with another touchdown to make the score 36 - 34. Then Couzens would show the magic in his arm and hit Simons with a 48 yard passing-run play down to the one yard play. Davis then scored and the score would then be 40 - 36. With a 1:14 left on the clock, Knob Noster would drive down the field and score a touchdown with 10 seconds on the clock, to make the score 44 - 40 Knob Noster. The game would end with Couzens throwing a 40 yard pass down field that would bounce off Clayton Simons. Simons was charged with  offensive pass interference. After a delayed conference with the referees, the game would end with the Warsaw Wildcats falling short to Knob Noster 44 -40.
Warsaw had good blocking all night from Tristen Reynolds, Jake Luebbert, Lane Bates, among others. Davis ended the night with 20 – 124 rushing yards. Eli Hawkins had 3 catches for 93 yards. Clayton Simons was 6 for 80 yards. 
Warsaw dropped to 0 -2 and will play Cole Camp 2 - 0 this Friday at 7:00 PM. As always, You can watch the game on BCE TV with Barry Edwards.