Warsaw Police Chief Resigns, Interim Named

Homer May
County Reporter
Warsaw Police
Chief Resigns,
Interim Named 
Under new business Wednesday eve, Warsaw Aldermen approved an ordinance which authorized Mayor Eddie Simons to sign a $141,193.80 contract with Cook, Flatt & Strobel Engineers in connection with FEMA and SEMA funding for the Steamboat Landing boardwalk, which is presently subject to occasional high water flooding.
The meeting opened at 6 PM Sep. 23, with Aldermen Eric Flores, Lou Breshears, Terry Marshall Sr., Eric Masoner, Adam Howe, Rob Coskey present. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; City Clerk Jessica Kendall recorded. First business conducted by the group was to approve the evening’s agenda and minutes of its Aug. 24 meeting, then okay payment of bills presented. Visitor JoAnn Lane, Director of Benton County Economic Development, announced BCED has received a $22,000 housing study grant, which will be awarded to RGT for completion.
Also under new business, Aldermen approved two ordinances: (1) authorizing the Mayor to execute a contract with KBRPC in connection with a DNR water quality management planning grant relating to the City’s Town Branch storm water policy implementation project. Funds have not yet been received, so the project will not move ahead until funds are in hand. (2) relating to selling of used cars.
The group awarded a $27,325. contract to SRI Contractors to install a new roof for the City’s office on Main St. City Administrator Randy Pogue said sales tax revenues are up, providing funds for the anticipated new roof. Aldermen will also consider selecting an engineering firm to provide on call, and as needed, civil engineering services, not to exceed $500,000. No action was taken on this matter.
In late session, the group received reports from the City’s Departments, Boards and Commissions without comment. People Service Manager Mark Breshears said he wants to meter grey water flow in the City because of an infiltration problem. He also discussed a citizen’s $3,000 water bill, due to a water leak which has now been fixed, which has now been reduced somewhat. He said the citizen lacks the ability to pay such a large bill and wants a further adjustment on the bill. He thought the City might want to discuss the matter. Aldermen asked the City Clerk to work with that person on an extended time frame to pay the bill.
In late session, the group presented Police Chief Jason Wenberg a certificate honoring his 14 years of leadership and community trust in his work. Wenberg's final day was Friday. Levi Ullum has been named Interim Police Chief. Aldermen also recognized five Girl Scouts at the meeting, for their community participation. The group went into closed session about 6:50 PM. Visitors to the open meetings are usually welcome but, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, are presently urged to stay home.