Warsaw Senior Befriends Underclassman Teammate

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
In this day of bullying, it is very refreshing to find someone who has enough compassion to befriend and stand up for someone who is being bullying.
WHS Senior football player Eli Hawkins known by some as "the Beast", is one such person as he has befriended Sophomore Kameron Andrews. Kameron was diagnosed with a disorder called, "Short Stature’ and was made fun of by the other kids his age.
His mother Amanda Rose commented, “It had gotten to the point that he didn’t want to go to school, let alone play any sports. I literally had to beg him to get him to play this year. Eli went out of his way daily to holler at my son saying things like, “Hey big man or “See you later big man,” and pat him on the back .He doesn’t say it in a hateful manner at all and is always trying to help out my son and make him feel welcomed and comfortable.”
She went to say, “The whole team has done great this year, but Eli has really just gone above and beyond.  Eli, if you are reading this, “Thank you!”
What some people may not know about Hawkins is that in football practice he doesn’t like to hit his teammates with full force. He is just a soft hearted "Beast” and is probably a much better player during the games than at practice for that very reason.
So, the next time you go to a Wildcat game take a good look at numbers (40) Eli Hawkins and (18) Kameron Andrews. They are great friends and thanks to Hawkins, Andrews is out on that field every single day practicing hard like the other boys.
Just a closing thought, wouldn’t it something if other kids at WHS and other schools would follow Hawkins lead and be a big brother to a younger, smaller kid. Yeah, this bullying thing could be stopped to some degree if somebody somewhere would step up. Thanks Eli!