Water Assoc. Claims Warsaw Sewer Reserves Are Inadequate

Homer May
County Reporter
In early session, Mon. evening July 16, Liz Grove, Missouri Rural Water Association Representative, speaking to Warsaw Alderpersons,  said she had completed a rate study of the City’s sewer fund. She found that, while the City’s 2018 sewer budget accounts for ordinary expenses, it does not provide for unplanned but inevitable repair or replacement costs for sometimes expensive machinery. People Service Manager Mark Breshears supported Grove’s assessment, noting that five of the Sewer Department’s pumps have failed this year and needed expensive repairs or replacement.
Grove continued with comments that the City should create an approximate $39,000 sewer reserve fund, and suggested several ways that fund could be created and maintained, but all plans could mean somewhat higher sewer rates for the 1,000 or so City customers. She concluded with the thought that cities with adequate reserves often have better opportunities to receive grant (i.e., free) monies, rather than loans. This board agreed to study the matter and to bring their thoughts to the group’s August 6 meeting.
The session opened at 6 PM, at the City’s Municipal Office, with Alderpersons Eric Masoner, Lou Breshears, Terry Marshall Sr., Dave Williams, Adam Howe, Eric Flores present. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; City Clerk Jessi Kendall recorded. First business conducted was to approve the evening’s agenda and minutes of the group’s July 2 meeting, then agree to pay bills presented.
Reports were received from the City’s departments, boards and commissions, without comment. There was no old or new business for discussion, other than the sewer matter, so the group went into executive session around 6:35 PM. These meetings are usually held on 1st and 3rd Mondays. Visitors are welcome, but please check with the City (660-438-5522) for latest information.