WHS Math Team Takes Second At Warrensburg

Anita Campbell
Enterprise Staff
The Warsaw Math Club traveled to Warrensburg High School on November 18 to compete in their first competition of the 2017-18 school year.  They started their year with 15 students traveling to the competition and were awarded quite a few medals and ribbons.  At the competition, the students compete against 100’s of students from schools such as Odessa, Excelsior Springs, Richmond, and California.  Warsaw started this year with obtaining second place overall.  Senior, Cody Wilson was awarded the top senior.  Sophomore, Kathryn Ricke was awarded the top sophomore, while her classmate, Scott Winters was in second place in the sophomore group.  Freshman, Gabrielle Porter was awarded the fourth place freshman.
“I am really proud of these students getting up and on the bus by 7:15 AM to travel an hour to go take math tests on a Saturday morning.  I am even more proud that they get excited and enjoy it.  We had a great group of students attend this first meet.  I hope the success will attract more to fill our other five spots.  Second  place overall was a great start!” commented Amy Spunaugle,  Warsaw High School math club sponsor.
The ninth graders of Gabrielle Porter, Joe Montez, and Taylor Spry, placed fifth in the freshman division.  Tenth graders Jessica Dwyer, Rebecca Petesch, and Scott Winters, received first place sophomore division.  The junior team of Suzie Cortright, Maleek Porter, and Kolby Estes were awarded second place in the eleventh grade division.  The senior team had to borrow a junior, therefore Makenzie Hensley and Trinity Collins brought home fifth for the seniors.  The mixed team, that consisted of freshman Lauren Kreisel, sophomore Kathryn Ricke, junior Kamryn Yach, and senior Cody Wilson, finished the afternoon with a second place.
Winners in individual events included: Algebra Simplify (9th grade):  Lauren Kreisel (4th), Gabby Porter (5th), and Joe Montez (7th).
Graphing (10th grade):  Scott Winters (1st), Kathryn Ricke (7th), and Jessica Dwyer (9th); Graphing (11th grade):  Maleek Porter (9th).
Complex Numbers (12th grade):  Cody Wilson (3rd).
Geometry (9th grade):  Gabby Porter (1st) and Joe Montez (8th); Geometry (10th grade):  Scott Winters (1st) and Kathryn Ricke (4th); Geometry (11th grade):  Trinity Collins (9th); Geometry (12th grade):  Cody Wilson (3rd) and Makenzie Hensley (9th).
Trigonometry (12th grade):  Suzie Cortright (3rd), Kamryn Yach (4th), and Kolby Estes (9th).
Physical Science (9th-10th grade):  Joe Montez (4th) and Lauren Kreisel (9th).
Biology (9th and 10th grade):  Jessica Dwyer (8th) and Kathryn Ricke (4th).
Physics (11th-12th grade):  Cody Wilson (3rd).
Exponents and Logarithms (12th grade):  Suzie Cortright (5th).
Algebra (9th grade):  Joe Montez (2nd), Lauren Kreisel (8th), and Gabby Porter (10th).
Algebra (10th grade):  Kathryn Ricke (3rd) and Scott Winters (9th); Algebra (11th grade):  Suzie Cortright (8th) and Kolby Estes (11th); Algebra (12th grade):  Maleek Porter (4th) and Cody Wilson (5th).
Word Problems (9th grade):  Gabby Porter (5th) and Joe Montez (8th); Word Problems (10th grade):  Kathryn Ricke (2nd), Jessica Dwyer (9th), and Scott Winters (10th);Word Problems (11th grade):  Kamryn Yach (2nd) and Kolby Estes (9th);Word Problems (12th grade):  Cody Wilson (1st) and Makenzie Hensley (9th).
Advanced Topics (12th grade):  Maleek Porter (3rd).