Wildcats Selected To All-OHC Teams

Adam Dean Howe
Enterprise Staff
The Warsaw Wildcats football team received 13 selections by 10 different players to All-Conference lists released to the media on Monday morning and as voted by coaches of the Ozark Highlands Conference.  
Justin Martin, (Sr, RB), Tim Burkhart (Sr, OL & DL), Zach Sharp (Sr, DB) and Jack Gardner (Jr, P) were all first team selections.  Burkhart was a unanimous selection on the offense.  
Brady Slavens (Jr, QB), Zach Sharp (Sr, WR), Logan Strunk (Sr, OL), Nick Bagley (So, LB) and Cameron Seevers (So, RET) were all named to the second team and Garrett McGann (Jr, OL), James Kellner (Jr, S) and Cameron Seevers (So, DB) were all honorable mention recipients. 
Full lists for the Ozark Highlands Conference are as follows:
Key: BUF=Buffalo, BUT=Butler, WAR=Warsaw, ELDO=Eldorado Springs, SHER=Sherwood; QB=Quarterback, RB=Running Back, WR=Wide Receiver, TE=Tight End, OL=Offensive Line, DL=Defensive Line, LB=Linebacker, DB=Defensive Back, S=Safety, K=Kicker, P=Punter, RET=Returner
* - denotes unanimous selection
 1st Team Offense; *Jamen Smith (Sr, QB, BUF), *Jaren Smith (Jr, RB, BUF), *Brandon Melton (Sr, RB, BUT), Justin Martin (Sr, RB, WAR), Brendan Patrick (So, RB, BUT), Bode Abraham (Sr, WR, BUF), Andrew Beckley (Sr, WR, BUT), Preston Robison (Sr, WR, ELDO), *Gaven Morgan (Sr, TE, ELDO), *Lincoln Sutton (Sr, OL, BUT), *Tim Burkhart (Sr, OL, WAR), Brock Wendlandt (Sr, OL, BUF), Jade Warmbrodt (Sr, OL, BUT) and Montana Hacker (So, OL, ELDO).  
1st Team Defense; *Payton Green (Jr, DL, ELDO), *Lincoln Sutton (Sr, DL, BUT), *Brandon Melton (Sr, DL, BUT), Tim Burkhart (Sr, DL, WAR), *Logan Horn (Jr, LB, BUF), *Nolan Tolle (Jr, LB, BUT), *Gavin Brockman (Sr, LB, BUT), Trey Graves (Sr, LB, ELDO), Gaven Morgan (Sr, LB, ELDO), Zach Sharp (Sr, DB, WAR), Carter Kimbrough (Sr, DB, SHER), Preston Robison (Sr, DB, ELDO), Bode Abraham (Sr, DB, BUF), Cameron Portis (Jr, DB, BUF), Andrew Beckley (Sr, DB, BUT) and Jagur Eidson (Jr, DB, BUT).
1st Team Special Teams; Bode Abraham (Sr, K, BUF), Jack Gardner (Jr, P, WAR) and *Jamen Smith (Sr, RET, BUF).
2nd Team Offense; Brady Slavens (Jr, QB, WAR), Caleb Bennett (Sr, RB, BUF), Garhett Cardwell (Fr, RB, SHER), Chance Esparza (Jr, RB, ELDO), Cameron Portis (Jr, WR, BUF), Zach Sharp (Sr, WR, WAR), Layton Gabriel (Sr, TE, BUT), Blake Magruder (Sr, OL, BUT), Parker Blake (Sr, OL, BUF), Trey Graves (Sr, OL, ELDO), Tristan Trumbore (Jr, OL, BUT), Tyler Burgin (Jr, OL, SHER) and Logan Strunk (Sr, OL, WAR).
2nd Team Defense; Gabe Glor (Jr, DL, BUF), Trent Rinker (So, DL, SHER), John Jenkins (Jr, DL, BUF), Jake Cooper (So, DL, ELDO), Levi Thomas (Sr, DL, ELDO), Nick Bagley (So, LB, WAR), Blake Magruder (Sr, LB, BUT), Landon Parker (Jr, LB, BUF) and Jaren Smith (Jr, DB, BUF).
2nd Team Special Teams; Jagur Eidson (Jr, K, BUT), Bode Abraham (Sr, P, BUF) and Cameron Seevers (So, RET, WAR). 
Honorable Mention Offense; Clayton Collings (Sr, QB, ELDO), Ian Esry (Sr, WR, ELDO), Garrett McGann (Jr, OL, WAR), Stephan Painter (Sr, OL, ELDO) and Hadley Louderbaugh (Sr, OL, BUF).
Honorable Mention Defense; Alex Richardson (Jr, DL, BUF), Kassidy Danner (So, DL, BUT), Michael McDaniel (Jr, LB, BUF), Cameron Seevers (So, DB, WAR), Ian Esry (Sr, DB, ELDO), Clayton Collins (Sr, DB, ELDO) and James Kellner (Jr, S, WAR).
Honorable Mention Special Teams; Landon Murry (Fr, RET, ELDO).
Offensive Player of the Year; *Jamen Smith (Sr, BUF).
Defensive Player of the Year; Gavin Brockman (Sr, BUT).
Coach of the Year; Gregg Webb (BUT).