‘Pioneer Spirit’ Comes Alive In Warsaw

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
Thousands of visitors flocked to Warsaw over the weekend to attend the Thirty-eighth annual Heritage Days celebration at the Truman Dam Visitors’ Center on Kaysinger Bluff and on Drake Harbor.
According to Kaysinger Bluff Pioneer Heritage Association Board president Scott Mills, 5,773 wrist bands were sold to visitors riding the buses up to the Kaysinger Bluff area. That number is up from last year which was 5,750.
“The weather was just perfect,” said Mills.  “I love it when it is cool in the morning and people gather around campfires and then later on they are taking off their coats to walk around the area.”
Mills commented that the only problem the KBPHA had was with the busses.
“We had to change bus companies just a month before Heritage Days so there were a few mix ups with the drivers not knowing the streets of Warsaw,” Mills said.  “We were not happy that some of our visitors had to wait up to half an hour in the bus lines.  Around noon I was giving away water and sodas to those standing in line on the bluff,” said Mills.
Overall, Heritage Days went off without any major problems.  TLC Smokehouse from Clinton was serving dinners in the KBPHA village and ran out of practically everything by the end of the first day.
In the Hooper House, local baker Cindy Miller was making cookies and cinnamon rolls in an old time wood stove. “I love talking to the people who come through during Heritage Days,”  Miller said.
The Yoder family from Lincoln sold all 800 fried pies they had prepared by 3 PM on Saturday.
Down at Drake Harbor, Warsaw Area Chamber of Commerce Director Mac Vorce reported huge crowds as well.  “The weekend was absolutely phenomenal,” said Vorce.  “I think we had more than 10,000 people in the Warsaw area this year for Heritage Days.  There were so many people that our carts couldn’t even make it to the end of the harbor to pick up and drop off.”
“I was so impressed with how all the people and organizations came together to help out,” said Vorce.  “Vendors were telling me that they had an amazing weekend selling so much of their crafts.  At least 40 of our vendors signed up for next year before they left.”
“We really appreciate the help of the FFA kids working on Saturday morning to give a hand to vendors as they set up and then on Sunday afternoon the WHS athletes came out to help vendors load up and take down tents,” Vorce said.
Additional carts were added this year; however, Vorce said they could have used a couple more. “I started taking people up and down the hill at 6:30 AM,” said volunteer Hadley Arnett.  “I didn’t stop driving the whole day until my shift was over at 5 PM.”
Hangry Pig had a great day at the Harbor as well.  They reported selling over 500 pounds of brisket.
Local restaurants had a great weekend as well.  Chamber member Kevin LaPittus, owner of the Roadhouse, reported that they sold out of steaks on Saturday night and had to go to the grocery store to buy meat for the Sunday crowd. 
Everyone involved in Heritage Days agreed that the beautiful weather helped to make this a very successful weekend.
Now the KBPHA members are busy preparing for Kaysinger Christmas to be held December 8 and 9.