4-H Members Recognized For Achievements

Anita Campbell
Enterprise Staff
By Anita Campbell
Enterprise Staff
The Benton County 4-H Recognition Dinner was held November 8 at the Cole Camp High School cafeteria.  The recipient of the Outstanding Clover Kid was Amelia Roberts; All-Arounders 4-H Club; Outstanding Junior 4-H member was Hannah Harrell, All-Arounders 4-H Club; Outstanding Senior 4-H members were Sydney Neas, Samantha Koenke, and Cody McNelly, all from Lake Creek Lamplighters.     
The “I Dare You” award was presented to Sydney Neas and Samantha Koenke from the Lake Creek Lamplighters.
The Outstanding 4-H Family award went to the Louiselle Family from the Lake Creek Lamplighters. 
The winner of the 4-H Rookie Member Spirit Award was Montana Jonson, Lake Creek Lamplighters.  The winner of the 4-H Veteran member Spirit Award was Christopher Harrell, All-Arounders, Sydney Neas and Cody McNelly, Lake Creek Lamplighters.  The Rookie Leader Spirit Award was given to Garrett Louiselle, Lake Creek Lamplighters.
Kristie Jonson and Stephanie Louiselle received the 4-H Leaders of the Year award as well as the 4-H Fair leaders award.
Kristie Jonson received the Silver Tray award as best 4-H leader.
Awards were presented to Hannah Harrell and Christopher Harrell for project reports; Sydney Neas for camp counselor; Amelia Roberts for Demonstration at Achievement Day and Demonstration at the Missouri State Fair.
The Lake Creek Lamplighters received the Gold Seal award and the Turkey Creek Homesteaders received the Silver Seal award.
The Lake Creek Lamplighters received first place for the 4-H Window Decorating contest and the Turkey Creek Homesteaders and the All-Arounders won second place in the Window Decorating contest.
The Scrapbook award was presented to the All-Arounders 4-H Club.
The Service award was presented to the Lake Creek Lamplighters and the Turkey Creek Homesteaders.
New officers for the 2016 Benton County 4-H Council include:  Bailey Crouch, president; Cody McNelly, vice-president; Grant Louiselle, secretary; Kristie Jonson and Beth Crouch, treasurer; Karlie Koenke, reporter; Amelia Roberts and Montana Jonson, photographers/historians; Benton Breshears, parliamentarian; Sydney Neas, county youth liaison.