In Benton County- ‘Fired Up’ Heavy Voter Turnout

Homer May
County Reporter
Following are unofficial results of the Nov. 6 Benton County General Election, furnished by County Clerk Susan Porterfield about 8:56 PM Tuesday. Please note that party affiliation is abbreviated as next stated: Republican (Rep), Democrat (Dem), Libertarian (Lib), Green (Grn), Constitution (Cst), Independent (Ind): Clerk Porterfield reported there are about 14,722  registered voters in Benton County. 57.26 percent of those voters cast ballots. Write-ins are listed, if voted:
For US Senator: Josh Hawley (Rep) 5683, Claire McCaskill (Dem) 2316, Japheth Campbell (Lib) 127, Jo Crain (Grn) 58, Craig O’Dear (Ind) 166, write-in 4. For State Auditor: Saundra McDowell (Rep) 4863 , Nicole Galloway (Dem) 3017, Sean O’Toole (Lib) 194, Don Fitz (Grn) 51, Jacob Luetkemeyer (Cst)115, write-in 2. For U.S. Representative District 4: Vicky Hartzler (Rep) 5964, Renee Hoagenson (Dem) 2143, Mark Bliss (Lib) 205, write-in 5. For State Senator District 28: Sandy Crawford (Rep) 6197, Joe Poor (Dem) 2025, write-in 9, For State Representative District 57: Roger Reedy (Rep) 2966, Joan Shores (Dem) 613. For State Representative District 125: Warren Love (Rep) 2909, Chase Crawford (Dem) 1800, write-in 5.
For Circuit Judge Circuit 30: Michael Henderson (Rep) 6852, write-in 94. For Associate Circuit Judge: Mark Pilley (Rep) 6968, write-in 109. For Presiding Commissioner: Steve Daleske (Rep) 6801, write-in 91. For County Clerk: Susan Porterfield (Rep) 7005, write-in 61. For Circuit Clerk: Cheryl Schultz (Rep) 6877, write-in 59. For Recorder: Carla Brown (Rep) 6915, write-in 62. For Treasurer: Rick Renno (Rep) 6930, write-in 68. For Prosecuting Attorney: Karen Coffee-Woodley (Rep) 6621, write-in 152. For Collector: David Brodersen (Rep) 6952, write-in 64.
Official Judicial Ballot. Shall judges named below, whose terms expire Dec. 31, be retained in office for new terms?  Missouri Supreme Court Judge Brent Powell: Yes 5653, No 1710 ; and Mary Rhodes-Russell, Yes 5414, No 1937. Missouri Court of Appeals Judge, Western District: Edwin Ardini, Jr. Yes 5332 , No 1949.
Constitutional Amendments: No. 1, relating to redrawing state legislative districts and other measures: Yes 4832, No 3349. Constitutional Amendment No. 2, relating to medical use of marijuana, and imposing a 4% tax on its retail sales: Yes 4717, No 3555. Constitutional Amendment No. 3, relating to medical use of marijuana, and impose a 15 % tax on retail sales: Yes 2505 , No 5704. Constitutional Amendment No. 4, relating to bingo games: Yes 3926, No 4026.
Statutory measures: Proposition B, increasing state minimum wage: Yes 4790, No 3455. Proposition C, removing state prohibitions on personal use and possession of marijuana: Yes 3186, No 5004. Proposition D, increasing motor fuel tax by 2.5 cents per gallon: Yes 3390, No 4859.