City Keeps Main Street Vital With Major Relocation Plans

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
The City of Warsaw purchased the United Missouri Bank (UMB) Building at 201 W. Main Street on April 6, and is making plans to move its offices to the site in the near future. After closing on the building, City officials will make plans for a progressive move with first priority to City workers who deal with the public every day.
“The first offices to move will be those that deal with water bills, building permits and other areas where the public is involved on a daily basis,” said Mayor Eddie Simons. “Preliminary plans call for all City offices to eventually be moved to the new building, except the Police Department. The Police already have a nice set up in the lower part of the Community Building and have easy access out of there. It is expected that the Chamber of Commerce will also remain in its new space.”
Mayor Simons said the new building is ‘awesome,’ was renovated by the previous owner, and is ready for occupation. It has more space than the Community Building, and has a more professional look when officials meet with developers. He said some of the small offices left empty in the Community Building can be moved to make room for more space for public usage.
“Since new offices will be just down the street, City employees can still use parking spaces at the Community Building they move,” said Mayor Simons. “And there is a small parking area behind the old UMB building.”
The Mayor said he had wanted to move City offices to a new building since he first took office, six years ago. Funds for such a move had been growing, partly due to a law passed recently allowing a tax on internet use. 
“While I am Mayor, I would never put our city in financial straits,” said Mayor Simons, emphasizing that there was adequate city money available for the new office space. “And when we can afford to we don’t want to withhold funds that can be used for city improvements and have to put available money back into the community,” said Mayor Simons. “We have plans for more future activity on Main Street.  When the new jail is built, more parking spaces will become available at the old site, and there will be more room for people to walk the sidewalks and stop in shops. The new Casey store near Walmart is coming along, and more growth is expected in that area.”
City Manager, Randy Pogue, offered information about more improvements taking place in Warsaw after Heritage Days.
“We will select a contractor before Heritage Days, and begin a street improvement project after the festival on Main Street from Hwy 7 to Seminary on the east side where all the businesses are located,” said Pogue. “There will be sidewalks, lights and parking improvements in the area. It will create a gateway into the downtown area and improve businesses.