Cole Camp’s Coach Shearer Prepares For Summer Practices

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Kevin Shearer wears many hats at Cole Camp high school and Middle school. He is the Athletic Director, head football coach  and head boys basketball coach at the high school and is the student service director at the middle school.
He is highly respected by his peers and students. It was recently said that many graduating athletes thank him over the years for teaching them athletics and more so for teaching them about life.
Keeping with social distancing, I sent him a series of questions concerning Cole Camp athletics and the lockdown. Below is our interview.
Johnie- How has the lockdown effected you and Cole Camp sports?
Coach Shearer-
A. Made it difficult to get organized and get info to kids for the 2020-2021 season.  
B. It has been a good way to charge the batteries and take some time off, spent more time with my family.
C. Put athletics in perspective.
2. Referring to Cole Camp Sports.
A. Losing the spring season was very difficult on the kids, coaches, parents and fans 
B. The impact on sports for this coming school year, has yet to be seen.
 Johnie- How is the football field coming along?
Coach Shearer-
A. I believe the school has done a good job of making the best decisions on it for the school district.
B.The contractors we used have done a great job on the construction.
C. We still have a goal of playing the first scheduled event on it, but if we don’t it will be ok, what is most important is we do it correctly the first time
Johnie- You graduated several key football  players. Is this a rebuilding year in football?
Coach Shearer-
A. We do have a lot to replace, I believe the core group will do a great job, but they are young and need a lot of field time.
B. Students and families are still a little apprehensive of the contact in football, we still work very hard to get more students to participate, football is a numbers game.
Johnie- Have your athletes worked out this summer?
A. The school district decided not to open our on campus facilities until Monday July 6th, kids and coaches are excited.
B. I believe the time off may be good for all involved, hopefully we have a passion for getting on campus.
Johnie- Your students are very respectful towards authority. What does the school teach along these lines?
 Coach Shearer-
A. I believe that starts with the expectations a coach has for his kids. I also believe that if a coach/ teacher shows respect and sets the examples students will follow. 
B. We have students and adults who struggle with this concept, people always say “ I will show you respect if you respect me.” And, sometimes you have to be the one to begin that trend.
Johnie - What changes do you expect MSHSAA to make regarding the virus?
 Coach Schearer-
A. I cannot predict that action by MSHSAA
B. MSHSAA is in a very difficult spot.
Thanks coach. We wish you the best.