Cole Camp Police Report

Stephen Phillips
Cole Camp Police Chief
From May 20, 2019 to May 26, 2019 Cole Camp Police Officers have done the following activities:
-Responded to the 500 block of South Keeney for complaint of a subject urinating in public.
-Followed up on an investigation of property damage in the 500 block of Bluebird.
-Responded to the 200 block of North Pine Street for a child playing in the creek during high water.
-Responded to the 800 block of Fowler Street regarding attempt to contact a subject with an active warrant.
-Responded to the 400 block of West Osage Street for a subject with an active warrant.
-Responded mutual aid for Benton County Sheriff’s Office to suspicious activity on Highway 52 near Morarity Avenue.
-Assisted Cole Camp Ambulance with a medical call in the 100 block of Hazlett Dr.
-Responded to the 200 block of East Main Street for a well-being check.
-Assisted the Drug Task Force with a narcotics investigation in the 800 block of West Main Street.
-Responded mutual aid to a motor vehicle crash on Highway 52 east of Cole Camp.
In the event of a tornado warning, the storm sirens will sound and the Cole Camp Police Officers will drive around town with their lights and siren on yelp.
The American Legion will be unlocked for people to go if they do not have a safe place to go.
Please do not solely count on the storm siren and the officers warning, as it may be difficult to hear during a storm that may present high winds.  You should have your own plan in place.  It is recommended you have a battery operated radio and a flashlight in your emergency kit.
Chief Stephen Phillips