FFA Students Re-Work Plant Sale In The Era Of Social Distancing

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
Weeks before anyone was thinking about their spring gardens, Warsaw High School FFA members were planting and fertilizing seeds to produce a variety of plants for their annual plant sale.  They had no idea that March 13 would be the last day they worked in the greenhouse on the WHS campus.
Since March 13, FFA advisor Stan Adler has been taking care of his students’ projects to get them ready for the plant sale.
“My students spent a great deal of time researching what plants we should sell and then they planted and cared for the plants until school was dismissed because of COVID-19,” said Adler.  “I didn’t want their work to go to waste so I continued to go out to the greenhouse and water the plants.”
Adler has spent many days potting the plants and now they are ready to be purchased and planted in a garden.
Adler will be at the WHS greenhouse on Saturday, May 2 from 9 AM until 4 PM to allow the public to purchase plants.
Those who wish to buy plants must remain in their cars and Adler will bring the plants out to the cars.
Plants available include:
Vegetables 6 packs, 3 in. pots, 6 in. pots and  hanging pots.
Green Bell Peppers             
Jalapeno Peppers            
Sweet Banana Peppers        
Long Red Cayenne Peppers 
Green Beans            
Zucchini  n/a          
Beef Steak Tomatoes            
Rutgers Tomatoes            
Cherry Tomatoes            
Salsa Packs 
(2 bell peppers, 2 Rutgers tomatoes, 2 jalapenos) 
Wave Petunias           
Combo pots                                                
Wandering Jew                        
Silver Squill                            
Christmas Cactus                        
“The annual plant sale gives the FFA students the opportunity to learn as well as raising funds for future FFA events,” said Adler. 
Help the FFA kids reach their goals and buy some plants for your garden and flower beds.