Four Brothers, One Town, One Team

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
By Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
It is very unusual to have four brothers attending the same high school at the same time. The four J’s, Jarrett 18, Jaycee 18, Jordan 17 and Jamison 15 attended and played together for the first time at Cole Camp this past year. Anyone who picked up a program at a ball game couldn’t help but noticed these four kids with the same last name.
I had the opportunity to interview these four brothers. I talked to all four at the same time so I may not have each one with the right quote every time but I did my best.
JL-Did you grow up playing sports and who taught you how to play?
Jamison- Yes, at an early age, our mother, who is from here in Cole Camp, taught us how to play basketball and our dad who is from Louisiana, taught us baseball and football.
JL-Who is your biggest rival, Warsaw or Lincoln?
Jordan- Lincoln because the towns are about the same size and we are closer. (All four said Lincoln)
JL- Brothers are known to fight ? Do you guys fight each other?
Jamison- Not since about the fifth grade.
Jaycee- We argue but usually one of us will step in between the other two until we calm down but we get along for the most part. We realize it is not worth it (to fight).
JL- Jamison, did they pick on you being the youngest?
Jamison- Yes, a little bit. I am the only one who went through a chubby stage but I got out of it. So I got picked on for that.
JL- Are the four of you best friends?
Jaycee- Yes, (laughing) we don’t say that to one another or anything but we are.
JL-Are you two going to college?
Jarrett- I am going to State Fair.
Jaycee- I am going to Trenton.
JL- Did all of you want to play college ball?
Jamison- Yes, growing up but when we started playing good schools like California and (Jaycee) Lamar,where every player is better than anyone else then we realized that maybe we weren’t good enough.
Jaycee- We realized that going to a small school gave us opportunities that at a bigger school we might not have.
Jamison- We all started playing in the first grade.
JL- What is it like living in Cole Camp?
Jamison- It is awesome. We are a religious town in that have four or five churches inside the city limits. It is a good place to grow up. It gives you a nice home style life and you get along with everybody.
Jarrett- People know each other. People know the Farrar brothers just about everywhere we go in town. Cole Camp is a big sports town.
JL-Are you good in academics?
Jamison- We are all good in math. Our mom taught us math.
Jaycee-Our dad was all- state in all sports, baseball, football, basketball and archery. We are all into archery too. We are big into deer hunting. We also fish some but more so when we were younger.
JL-I imagine playing summer ball keeps you pretty busy.
Jarrett- When you have summer football, baseball and basketball practices it is hard to fit all of that in. We might play in a basketball tournament in the morning and play a baseball double header at night.
JL- So you said your mother raised you at home and your dad worked.?
Jaycee- Our mother was a former policeman and she stayed home with us.
Jamison- Not too many baby sitters wanted to take care of four brothers at the same time so Mom stayed home with us.
Jarrett- We have great parents and they always provided for us. 
JL-Do people ever confuse the four of you?
Jaycee- Yes, they call us by the wrong names.
Jarrett- No coach ever said they had four brothers on the same team at the same time.
Jamison- This is all new for me. I never played with them until this year. I am a utility player and so I get to watch my brothers play and it is great.
JL- Are you compared one to another?
Jaycee-Yes, but everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. Some might say this brother is better than that brother but it doesn’t really matter to us.
Jordan- We don’t let that bother us.
JL- Do you two help your younger brothers?
Jaycee-.Yes, I have helped James a lot. We didn’t have anyone to help us as freshmen.
Jarrett- (Laughing) We kinda got picked on because we were freshmen but I guessed they had to pick on somebody.
JL- What is it like being twins?
Jaycee- We are not identical so it is maybe different. I can tell twins apart pretty easy.
JL- What is it going to be like when you two leave ?
Jordan-I rely on them a lot. 
Jamison- It is going to be strange.
JL- How will you be remembered?
Jarrett- We never missed a game. We were always there.
Jordan- It kept us in line. If you missed then the coach would ask you where you were because your brothers were there.
JL- Have you ever had the same girl friends? I mean did one ever decide she liked your brother instead?
Jaycee- No, that never happened. We wouldn’t do that to each other.
Jarrett- There are certain things we wouldn’t do because we are brothers and that is one of them.
JL- Anything you want to add?
Jamison- When we go home we talk about things that happened to us and about the games.
Jarrett- We have a bond. If somebody picks on one they know the other three will be there too.
Jaycee- We all four lettered in every sport this year.
JL- Have you all four been on the court at the same time?
Jamison- We have all been on the basketball court and the baseball field at the same time.
All three- It has been fun playing with Jamison.
JL- Thanks, guys.
Parting remarks- I was really impressed with their closeness and their respect for one another and especially for their parents. A lot of kids just don’t get it. I didn’t fully appreciate what my parents went through as a teenager until I got older. Also, they realized the opportunity they had at a smaller school as opposed to a larger one.
I really didn’t know what to expect as I had never visited with them before this interview. I was impressed how down to earth they were. We wish them our best.