Fristoe News

Pat Arnett
Contributing Reporter
A week of winter but  not terrible.  Roads are drive-able and the temperature is bearable so it could sure be a whole lot  worse.
As of right now we here in the Fristoe area should be grateful for the health situations we have.   Many in area's around about are really feeling the new strain of virus that has hit our country with schools having to shut down and even churches staying closed a Sunday or two so especially elderly residents don't come in contact with the virus.  It does appear that those that seem to have the sickness are not as sick and it doesn't last as long as was happening several months ago.  For that we are grateful.
Pat Arnett is attending the Benton County  Republican Women's Club Monday night that is meeting at The Yellow Deli in Warsaw.  It is a "meet the candidate" meeting,  Sara Walsh, that is a candidate for the office of U.S. House of Representative, a seat being held now by Vicky Hartzler.
The Pentecostal Lighthouse Church had a wonderful day of worship Sunday January 16.  Claude and the Lighthouse Singers  sang "Sweet Beulah Land" and did a great job, and it was enjoyed because as that song says it is a land none of us has seen but we are longing for it!  Ken Heir sang "Near  The Cross" and also blessed everyone.  Br. Tony brought his message from Genesis  challenging the congregation to step up and accept what Christ offers when they are in their prime and not wait till very old to meet Him.
It was announced that Sunday, February 6, the Teen Challenge organization will be at the Fristoe Lighthouse Church to do a program.  Please keep that date marked.
Happy birthday to Ray Lowry as he celebrates Wednesday January 19 and my family sends happy anniversary wishes to Adam and Bridget on January 22 and Randy and Heather January 27! 
Thought for the week!  Talking is the expression of your thoughts, every time you open your mouth and speak, what is on your mind is on parade!
Hoping everyone reading this column has a safe, happy, healthy and "Prosperous" week!