G&W Taps Local Man As New Store Manager

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Kerry Wise was named new store manager at G&W Country Mart in Warsaw at the end of March. He accepted the position after serving nine years at Country Mart in Clinton where he was meat department manager and then store manager. 
“I feel like I am taking part in a reunion with old acquaintances, since I spent 18 years at the Warsaw Country Mart beginning in 1991,” said Wise. “I began in the meat department, and spent 10 years as the meat department manager, before going to work in Clinton. I even trained the current Warsaw G&W Country Mart’s meat manager when I was 18 years old.” 
Wise said that since the store is corporately owned, he is focusing on helping keep the store clean, friendly and well stocked.  He said that since G&W Foods bought the store in May 2017, when it was Newman’s Country Mart, they have opened it up more for the ability to get around, especially benefitting handicapped customers. He said that there is now an emphasis on the meat department, where a smoked meat program is being built. It includes pulled pork, shaved pork loin and smoked turkey breast. Customers also looking for gluten free foods can find them mixed into the aisles with sets of food.
Wise is originally from the Kansas City area. He said that he followed Dawn Breshears here in 1989 and married her.  He and his wife have lived in the country, in Edwards, for 18 years and enjoy bicycle riding and horseback riding.