Hartzler Hails Police Chief As Hero

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
United States Representative Vicky Hartzler was in Warsaw on Monday, July 9, to speak to local veterans and business people.
Hartzler’s first stop was at the American Legion Hall where she addressed the veteran’s concerns about health care.
“There is a shortage of doctors and nurses in the VA hospitals which we are trying to change,” said Hartzler.  “Private hospitals are able to recruit doctors while they are still working as residents; however, the VA Hospitals cannot compete so they are unable to fill the positions we have.  I am sponsoring a bill to address this issue.”
Several veterans voiced their concerns about how long it takes to get an appointment at a VA Hospital.
“We are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to hire more people to work in the veteran’s administration, but this will take time,” Hartzler said.
Missouri’s Fourth District is home to a large concentration of veterans, Hartzler introduced H.R. 3754, the REHIRE Act, which would empower these hospitals with the flexibility to hire and compete with other medical providers. This measure will help improve Missouri’s VA facilities and ensure that its veterans receive the highest quality and most responsive care possible.
Hartzler commented that H.R. 3754 will allow veterans to see a local doctor if they are not able to see a VA doctor within 30 days.
Hartzler also spoke of the VA Mission Act; which will expand the 9/11 Caregivers Act to veterans of wars before 9/11.
“Those who served in Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts deserve the same treatment as those who served after 9/11,” Hartzler said.
After her forum with the veterans, Hartzler traveled to The Landing where she spoke to citizens in a forum sponsored by the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce.
Hartzler spoke to the Warsaw citizens about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which she said would give a typical middle-income family of four in Missouri’s 4th District a tax cut of $2,122.
Hartzler said the tax cut bill will allow a citizen to keep more of every paycheck by reducing tax rates at all income levels and nearly doubling the standard deduction to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples.
Hartzler commented that the tax bill will help unleash the growth of jobs and paychecks by allowing all business to immediately deduct the full cost of new equipment which improves operations and enhances the skills of workers.
Another challenge facing the 4th district is the drug epidemic, which has reached startling proportions throughout the country. Hartzler launched the “Drug Free MO Initiative” to fight against drug abuse, working with counties to establish drug courts and talking to teenagers about the danger of drugs. Working with law enforcement, parents who lost their child to drug overdoses, and motivational speakers, she organizes high school assemblies where young people are challenged to be the generation which chooses to live drug-free.  Informational resources are provided to help teens overcome opioid and drug abuse.
“We have to work with doctors to make them seek other forms of relief of pain so their patients do not become addicted,” Hartzler said.
Hartzler also spoke of the need to have fewer people on welfare and instead put them to work.  The Farm Bill which passed the House and Senate addresses that issue.
Congresswoman Hartzler made the following statement about the House’s passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.
“Missouri farmers work hard every day to feed the world and they need the certainty this farm bill provides. This bill ensures the American consumer continues to enjoy the safest, most abundant food supply in the world by strengthening safeguards and improving public/private risk management programs vital to American agriculture. In addition, the Farm Bill makes significant investments in rural broadband, promotes trade, invests in research and development, and expands conservation acreage.
“This bill contains historic improvements to the SNAP program to help recipients break the cycle of poverty by improving work opportunities for able-bodied adults receiving federal nutrition assistance. This bill promotes work and individual success while empowering those dependent on government assistance. These common-sense improvements will reduce unemployment and help people move from dependency to independence and self-sufficiency,” said Hartzler. 
Hartzler finished her tour of Warsaw by visiting Warsaw Police Chief Jason Wenberg.
Hartzler is scheduled to meet with Warsaw High School FFA members and their adviser Stan Adler on Thursday.