LaBonte Steps Down At Chamber, Vorce Returns

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
The Warsaw Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Nancy LaBonte, and Assistant Director, Caitlin Osborn, will resign their positions with the Chamber effective November 30. Both are leaving to pursue other careers. Former Executive Director, Mac Vorce has been asked to step back into that position where he was successful in getting small businesses to work together to provide popular events, and to pool their advertising money to get more ads at less cost.
“The Chamber met on Tuesday, November 17, to finalize a contract for Mac Vorce,” said Chamber Board President, Jesse Kendall. “I look forward to working with Mac to continue to build on partnerships.”
Vorce said that he had really missed doing the promotion of community and businesses, and looked forward to bringing the community together.
“If you believe in the product (our community), you can sell it,” said Vorce. “I loved doing it when I served as Executive Director in the past, and now I want to sell the power of positivity. There are ways to make things happen again in a safe way. My first assignment is to see where the state of the Chamber is.  You learn something during a COVID-19 pandemic. My previous time with the Chamber gave me a quality of life that I love. My enjoyment came from giving people in the community a better quality of life. I have realized in the past months when I did a lot of sitting on my couch, that becoming a doer again put a fire in me. I realized that the Chamber position was my calling.”
Vorce said that during the pandemic, planned events had been continuously cancelled and people weren’t out doing what they usually do. But, he has plans to incorporate safe community events that are scheduled through the Truman Lake Adventure Club with Chamber activities. These events include a New Year’s Day Hike, Full Moon Paddle, AM Bike Ride, Dog show, Yoga, Biking and more.  He hopes that people will see these activities as a way to be physically and socially active in a safe way. 
Vorce also intends to continue working with outside communities and organizations who want to bring their events to Warsaw, thereby saving the Chamber and businesses the expense of producing the events, and bringing in revenue to the area at the same time.
Vorce also said that he wants to urge community businesses to use multi-media advertising for businesses and activities. He said that Facebook is one way to do that, but many people go off of Facebook from time to time. It is also important to have a website, advertise in radio, newspaper, and Instagram as well.
“People get excited when they hear about safe events to go to,” said Vorce. “It gives them a time to meet up and get active. “And by pooling our resources we can get good advertising to “sell” these get togethers to the community.