Life In The Lincoln Weight Room

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
New Lincoln Head Football Coach Brad Dehle is known for his encouraging presence in the weight room. He believes in competitive conditioning and believes in wearing teams down in the fourth quarter as his players will be in better condition than their opponents.
With that being said, I caught up to Gabe Mehrens, the only returning All -State player off of last year’s state runner up team and asked him about this year’s weight room program.
Johnie- What changes has Coach Drehle made regarding weight room workouts?
Gabe- Coach Drehle has changed the style we lift. We lift in station and not like all three sets of squat back to back. One set of squat then curls then another auxiliary lift. Then squat again but besides that nothing really changed.
Johnie- Are you getting stronger?
Gabe- I would say I am getting stronger. This whole pandemic thing really hurt. I had lost most of the strength I had before but i would say I am a little stronger than before now that I am back in the weight room but not where I expected myself to be.
Johnie- Are you working on anything specific?
Gabe- I am just working on my core strength more than I have before in the past. That is why I feel like my all around weights have been going up.
Johnie- How are the other kids doing in the weight room?
 Gabe- Kids are doing good in the weight room. We all give our best effort and cheering each other on to do better, pushing each other to our limits to make each other better. We don’t like laziness in the weight room.
There you have it. It will be interesting to see how things pan out over the course of the season. We wish them our best.