Lincoln- Joplin Brings A Jingle

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Janis Joplin, famous rock, soul and blues singer/song writer in the 1960s, died October 4, 1970.  Her cousin, Tammy Joplin, was born the same day, and has apparently inherited the family talent for singing and song writing. She has been performing since the early 2000’s in Branson, and making appearances at musical festivals, county fairs, oprys, women’s conventions and retreats, cancer benefits, churches, local nursing and assisted-living facilities, and more. Fifty plus residents and guests at Lincoln Community Nursing Home were delighted by a Tammy Joplin performance on February 26, enjoying 16 songs that included tributes to other great singers and those she wrote herself.
Tammy Joplin dressed the part of a Branson star for her visit. She looked stunning in an all black ruffled top, skinny pants, high-heeled boots and a belt with silver studs and buckle. She was charismatic as she sang, danced and talked about her family and connection to Janis Joplin. She personally greeted many members of the audience after her one hour and 15-minute show, receiving many thanks from those attending such as Kari Bruce who said that she enjoyed the show immensely, and that the nursing home was lucky to have her.
Joplin is a country, gospel and folk singer who has recorded two albums and will have a third one out in March 2019. She has gone by her stage name “Tammy Joplin” for the past  seven years to help her career with her famous name recognition. Her father was a Joplin, although he did not marry her mother, so she has a biological connection to the name. Tammy is soon going to continue her career under her married name of Tammy Lynn Rodgers.
Of all her musical accomplishments, Tammy said that she was most proud of the time she opened for Lee Greenwood, a country music artist who has released more than 20 major-label albums and has charted more than 35 singles on the Billboard country music charts. Greenwood is best known for his song “God Bless the USA.”
One of the songs she wrote and performed on February 26 was “Color Me Beautiful.” It  was recommended for a Grammy Award, and got as far as the top 200 musicians competing from all over the world in the Christian Genre. She did tributes to Crystal Gayle (Brown Eyes Blue), Patsy Cline (Walking After Midnight), and Janis Joplin with “Me and Bobby McGee.” The latter song sent chills down the spines of those who remembered hearing Janis Joplin singing that Number One hit that was released shortly after her death. She also sang toe-tapping and hand-clapping songs like “Jolene,” and “What I like About You.”
Tammy was questioned about her strong, deep voice, and how she thought it compared to her famous cousin. She said that a Disc Jockey who played a lot of Janis Joplin’s music once told Tammy that she sounded  like Janis Joplin early in her career before her voice become gravelly. 
Tammy lives in Branson, and is the mother of three adult children. She said that her family members are city people, but they have cats, dogs and chickens. She grew up in Oklahoma, and wasn’t around the Joplin family until her mother died and she looked up her father. Once she found him, she discovered that she had a sister she didn’t previously know about.  She has learned more about her famous cousin, Janice, throughout the years as she has met people who knew her. Janis Joplin’s last drummer talked to Tammy about how he was making $1,000 a night while working with Janis Joplin and saved enough money to pay for two years of college. He said that the band was staying in a different hotel than Janis Joplin on the night of her death.
For upcoming dates and times of Tammy’s venues for the new season, check Tammy Lynn Rodgers Music Facebook page.