New Lincoln Head Football Coach Brad Drehle Begins Settling In

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
With the lockdown, it has been an usual summer for all coaches but especially for transitioning coaches like Brad Drehle of Lincoln. He has been playing catch-up ball all summer. Below is our interview .
Johnie- How has your transition to Lincoln gone so far?
Coach Drehle- I have enjoyed meeting the people at Lincoln.  Everyone is invested in the program, school, and kids and that is exciting.  Coach Adam Curtis has been a huge help in organizing things and helping me get my feet on the ground.  
The transition has been strange with everything that has happened this spring.  Normally I would have gotten to be around the kids getting to know them and watching them compete in spring sports and work the weight room.  Instead, we officially met and got to work on the same day.  I have been very pleased with the effort and work of our kids.   They are good hardworking young men and women.  
Johnie- How has your summer workout attendance been?
Coach Drehle- Summer attendance has been great.  We are missing a few but numbers have been good.  We are averaging 41 kids working out, that number includes an average of 27 football players, 11 jr high player, and 3 girls.  We have also had 4 jr high girls attend.  I have been very pleased with the numbers.  My message has always been about building relationships in the summer.  The only way we can do that is for kids to attend.   The relationships give me the ability to discipline and to demand the effort required to continue the tradition that has been established.  
Johnie- How has the lockdown affected you?
Coah Drehle -It has been difficult because the kids have missed out on spring sports and I lost the opportunity to get to know them, their parents, and our teachers.  It has also been difficult because we lost the weight room time in the spring.  Coach Burke has done a great job with that piece so the technique and work ethic is there, the challenge has been trying to move forward without going too fast.  I love the way our kids work and relate to one another.  I am excited to see what we can do.
Johnie- Lincoln graduated seven all-state players, is this a true rebuilding year?
Coach Drehle- In High School football if you have a good program you always lose good players.  The key is what are the young kids doing?  Are they willing to accept the work required to be good?  If they do that then we reload.  If they don’t then we rebuild.  Lincoln has established a tremendous tradition and the young kids understand the work required to maintain the tradition.  In a community like the Lincoln where everyone knows each other the elementary kids’ dream of growing up and being the next Jackson Beaman or Bo Kroenke, they grow up wanting to a Cardinal.  That along with a blue-collar work ethic gives us a chance to sustain our program.  I understand the difficulty of replacing All-State players but believe the kids we have posses strengths that will allow us to be successful.  I am excited about the opportunity.
Johnie- You have an athletic sophomore class and some huge eight graders for next year .Can you comment?
We have some big young classes as far as numbers and we are obviously excited about that.  I am excited about the leadership I have seen from our Seniors.  It has been fun to watch them lead and work so far.  
Johnie- how have the kids reacted to your weight room system?
Coach Drehle- I got a chance to watch Coach Burke’s class a couple of times and to visit with him before we started.  I think we share a very similar view on how to do things, so our kids are somewhat used to it.  For me, it has been a lot of fun watching them work every day.  I have been pleased with the effort.  I have had three girls each day and have been impressed with how they work.  It will be fun to see them compete in Volleyball this year.  I have had Devon Parrot and Clayton Kriessler helping me in the weight room with our Jr High kids each day and those kids are improving.  It has been fun for me to watch the kids work and to see Devon and Clayton coach them up.  Our work consists of both the weight room and fieldwork each day.  Coach Shawn Rhodes helps me every day running the field portion and we get help from Coach Taylor Mankin and Connor Spunaugle.  Those young coaches are doing a great job of working the kids each day.  Those are fun and encouraging things for me to see.  I hope the kids enjoy the variety of training each day.  I know it has a good feel, the kids work and respond to coaching, so for me, it is exciting.   
Johnie- You have a tough schedule this season  Can u comment?
Coach Drehle-When you enjoy the success that Lincoln has over the last several years, you wear a bullseye on your chest.  Everyone marks their schedule wanting to beat you.  That is a great compliment and challenge.  We play some very good teams and programs.  They will all be new to me.  It will be exciting to learn the rivalries and to see new stadiums and towns.  I believe our kids are excited about the upcoming season and schedule.  
Johnie- Is there a difference between class one and the other schools you have coached?
Coacg Drehle- Football is football and everything is only comparable to what is in front of you.  In other words, the work required is the same regardless of class.  At this time of year, everyone has the same goal, be State Champions.  The key is are they willing to accept the work required to reach their goal.  It is one thing to say it and completely different to actually do the work.  The way I relate this to kids and parents is this; if I ask you, what does it take to be an A student?  Parents and kids can give me a quick list of what it takes.  I follow that with a question of how many of you have all As?  That is football everyone can tell you what it takes but now everyone can do what it takes, either because of ability or willingness to work.  This is part is the same from 8 man to Class 6 football.  Every level has good or great players the bigger the school the more of them you have and the more of them you compete against every Friday night.  
Johnie- Will there be any changes with MSHSAA because of the virus? 
Coach Drehle- That is the million-dollar question.  Right now my understanding is everything is being left to local control and each county and school sets its guidelines.  This is uncharted water, no one has any experience with this.  Decisions are being made based on what is best for our kids and those decisions are being made based on the information we have at the time.  So things are subject to change.   
  Thank you for the time and coverage of our kids.  I am really excited to be part of the Cardinal family.
Johnie- Thanks,Coach. We wish you the best.