Pogue Proposes Major Upgrades To City Infrastructure

Homer May
County Reporter
 In late session Monday evening July 2, with extensive discussion, City Planner Randy Pogue proposed a $12.5 million grant project which would see major improvements to the City’s streets, gutters, curbs, sewers, sidewalks, bike lanes. He said the Rural Development project would also involve 3 million local dollars, but suggested that City funds and conservatively projected revenues could serve the City’s obligations, projecting a completion date of 2025. “It’s a stretch,” he concluded, but one which would serve the City well. The group agreed that Pogue should submit necessary applications.
The meeting opened at 6 PM, with Alderpersons Terry Marshall Sr., Adam Howe, Eric Masoner, Lou Breshears, Dave Williams present. Alderman Eric Flores was absent. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; City Clerk Jessi Kendall recorded. First actions by the group were to approve minutes of the June 18 meeting and the evening’s agenda, also approve payment of bills presented. Visitor Steve Daleske, candidate for Benton County Presiding Commissioner, introduced himself, stressing the need for good communications between the County and the several Benton County cities. Following, Jeff Hanson was introduced as a new Patrol Officer.
Under new business, Alderpersons approved an ordinance allowing several local law enforcement agencies to use the City’s Firing Range, with provisions that those agencies pay to the City $200/year and maintain adequate liability insurance. The Range will not be available to non-law enforcement entities. In final moments, Alderman Masoner was congratulated for raising over $900 to help repair recent vandalism at the City Cemetery.
The meeting closed about 7 PM. Next session is scheduled for July 16, and will be held at the Warsaw Municipal Airport. Visitors are welcome.