Recent Nightmare And Miracle For Devon Parrott

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
A few weeks ago, the BCE did a story on Devon Parrott. I met him and his mother at the Lincoln football field. He was kicking the football and things were good. We talked about how he had dealt with his serious heart condition. A few days later, things changed.   Below is the story written by his mother Angela Parrott.
“Devon has been through a lot in his life but he had persevered.  He was told at the age of 10 he could no longer be active or play sports again. At the time he played basketball, baseball and was the QB for the youth football team. This year he was a 3rd time starting kicker for the high school football team who went to state twice. He also worked his way into a starting position for Lincoln varsity basketball. He was an all district kicker. He took up kicking at the age of 10 to still be a part of football even though he had a heart condition. He took this role very seriously and worked hard.
Over the past few months Devon’s ICD had been having a few problems and on April 27th we got a call that his device was malfunctioning and that he needed to go to a hospital asap, before his device shocked him inappropriately. We have always went to Children’s Mercy but were redirected to KU because they were more equipped to handle laser ICD extractions. At this point with Covid 19 I didn’t even know if myself or Jason could be with him at KU. But they allowed us both to stay with him the night before the procedure since he was a minor. That afternoon we met with the new Dr and he explained the procedure to us. He told us that it was a difficult procedure, but that it should go fine. He said it would take at least four hours. He told us the possibility of major complications but explained these complications were less than a 3 % chance. I felt so uneasy and even got emotional during the routine visit. I remember texting my husband and telling him how scary it sounded, I also text three of my closest friends. 
That night we had lots of friends and family texting and messaging us thoughts and prayers. And I just couldn’t shake this crazy feeling. Devon and I did not sleep well. The next morning they took him back to prep and at one point I didn’t think I was going to get to see him and went to them shaken and in tears. We finally got to go back and see him before. He was so tired but so calm…. The doctor came in and told us the risks again. Oh ,it was just as awful to hear. We parted ways at 8 am and from there it gets so complicated. We waited and waited before they told us they started. Then more waiting  to say it was off to a slow start but he was ok. I thought the nurses looked uneasy but told myself it was nothing. I had this terrible feeling, but Jason was very positive and encouraging. Nothing for a while and I even saw our nurses go to lunch. I just couldn’t shake this terrible feeling. I kept asking Jason why they wouldn’t keep us posted. Finally, when he talked me into a walk we saw our nurses headed back to their station and shortly after they ran out looking for us. There were major unexpected complications and they told us he was unstable. They told us it was touch and go and they were doing their best….. Whatttttt???
A routine procedure with a 3% chance of going wrong was killing our son? They told us his youth was on his side and he had the best surgeon working on him…..
We had to wait for updates every 30 minutes for what seemed like the longest wait of our lives. The updates were vague, but that he was doing ok and we would just have to wait and see. We were so scared and I just kept praying for him to be strong, I knew that if he could just hang on long enough for us to see him, so he could hear our voices it would be ok. It was a few hours later that they finally said he was in ICU, stable enough for us to go see him. Seeing like that was so hard, but at the same time he was alive and it was a wonderful sight. He was making some involuntary movements but was not awake or breathing on his own. The doctors came in and told us what had happened and how strong he was. They told us from here only time would tell. They thought he would probably wake up but were unsure to what capacity. His heart had stopped beating for over 13 minutes, but they were certain they gave him appropriate heart compressions to get enough oxygen to the brain. We talked to him, begged him to stay strong and wake up. The Dr told us the next 24-48 hours were the most important. They were looking for him to wake up, squeeze our hand and wiggle his toes on command. Then they wanted him to be able to tell us who he was. He told us not to get discouraged in the first 24 hours. At that moment I didn’t care how he woke up or what he could do; I just prayed he woke up. At 7pm we had to step out during shift change. I was a mess, I just could believe what was happening in less than 12 hours we went from waiting for our very healthy son to come out of surgery with a new device to waiting to see if he would even wake up. Jason ( his father) just kept telling me how strong Devon was and that the doctors don’t know him and how healthy he is. I went off by myself for a bit to work up the courage to make some phone calls and came across a message from a friend on facebook. It happened to be a person who was one of Devon’s youth church leaders a few years back. She sent me a video of a prayer for devon. It was beautiful and as I listened and prayed with the video I suddenly felt a little different. Moments later, I was sitting waiting to make those calls and I received the most beautiful pictures of a full double rainbow. Two different people sent me these pictures and a message that said God has a double rainbow over Lincoln tonight, he is watching over Devon and his community. It was the most wonderful feeling I had all day. I just felt a little relieved and I couldn’t really explain it at the time. I was still very scared, but almost calm and confident.
An hour went by and we got to go back to him. NO one was supposed to be in ICU because of Covid, but Devon’s doctors told administration there was no way they could keep us from seeing him after all we went through. The next several hours Devon proved his strength and determination and it proved to me what a miracle looked like. Between the hours of 8pm and 4am, Devon was making remarkable progress. He squeezed our hands, opened his eyes and even wiggled his toes. He was so aggravated by the breathing tube, they decided he was ready to get it out, he did great breathing on his own. The doctors were impressed, but still wanted him to say his name. By 4 am he woke up and told us his name and that I was his mom. It was one of the most amazing moments in my life. In less than 12 hours after he came out of a complicated surgery, with his heart not beating on its own for over 13 minutes, he was surprising his doctors every minute.  I kept praying that he would continue to improve, making sure to be thankful for how far he had come. I told God, I was content with whatever he had planned for Devon.  
He ended up getting out of ICU that night and was taking walks around the hospital floor. It was a miracle. On Thursday, two days after his surgery, he took a final exam for his dual credit class online. His doctor came in during this and was so amazed, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He even looked a little emotional.
The next things to work on were his short term memory and motor skills. Motor skills came soaring back, and the short term memory was a bit shaky. We had to tell him what happened about five times during the next few days, but he eventually understood. I told him about how he beat the odds and that he had so many people praying for him. He knew how blessed he was. I learned that even the doctors and nurses went home that night and prayed for Devon. I had someone call a friend from Lees Summit to ask her to pray for Devon, but he was already on her prayer list. People were praying for him and didn’t even know him. It was a miracle. It is hard to know why all of this had to happen to him. He has went through so much in seven years. It was just one more thing that went very wrong. But, actually it went very right. He was alive. He got out of the hospital theee days early. He went home on Friday May 1st and has been making improvements daily. He is my hero!
Whats next for Devon?
They had to abort the procedure because of the complications, so late June,he will have to undergo another procedure to have a new device implanted. This device will be in his side and will take away some of the restrictions he has had for the past seven years. Although we are not looking forward to another surgery, we are ready to get it done and put this all behind us.
Devon is ready to walk Devon’s Beat 5k on June 13th. He is ready to see everyone at the auction and dance on June 12th. We have great items for the auction and raffles. The band Little Dixie revival will be performing that night. Some of the items we have are signed Patrick Mahomes memorabilia including a helmet and stadium seat back. We have a Kelce signed jersey and lots of other Chiefs items. We also have a custom made fire pit that will be installed by Betts Environmental and a Henry Golden Boy 22 from the Lincoln hunting club. These are just a few items up for grabs. We will have concessions available and there is a cash bar. The dance and auction are at the Lincoln VFW post 5925 and the 5K registration and free will donation breakfast will be at the Lincoln Baptist Church, Foster Hall. Thanks for all the love and prayers.”
We will keep praying. Hope you come to the auction.