Students Say “Thank You” To Veterans With Handmade Flag

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
K-5 students at South School used recycled caps to make a mural that honored veterans at the Warsaw High School Veteran’s Assembly in November. The beautiful mural of the American flag with fireworks in the background caught the eyes of County Commissioners, and they said the mural could have a home in the County Courthouse.  South School Art Teacher Kimberly Pearcy and 18 students from the school’s Art Club presented the mural to the Commissioners on Tuesday, December 11.
“Every student in the school worked on the mural,” said Pearcy. “We also had a lot of volunteers collecting caps for us including a grandma from Tracker who collected during her breaks. The students found one cap that had “USA” on it and they hid it in the mural hoping everyone will try to find it when they view the artwork. Although I don’t know exactly how many caps are in the mural, there are at least hundreds.”
Art is a big deal to students at South School, and many of the fourth and fifth graders try out for 20 positions in the Art Club each year. Applicants are chosen based on drawings they complete on a specific subject area. Club members decorate for the school and special events and they enter art competitions. They sometimes are asked by members of the community to do artwork for various occasions. Pearcy said that she had recently been asked by someone in Knob Knoster whether interested students could do an art project to be posted at Whiteman Air Force Base.
Pearcy’s classroom is a fun place to be and students look forward to their scheduled art specials. There are big jars of crayons, markers, stencils, fuzzy balls, yarn, colored paper, paint and all the other tools a practicing artist needs to produce a creative piece of work. Pearcy has been teaching Art for 10 years, with her past five years being at South School. Her wall paintings around the school and murals in the cafeteria demonstrate her personal talents and bring a colorful and cheerful atmosphere to the learning environment.