Unprecedented Voter Turnout For An Unprecedented Election

Homer May
County Reporter
Large numbers of voters, reported across the country this election day, are apparently reflected here in this county. I visited the office of Benton County Clerk on election eve, and was met by a long line of persons who were voting “absentee,” or early, and was informed that counting of those votes would not start until Nov. 3. A staff member there said an unusually large number of voters have voted absentee, and Tuesday’s observation confirmed many more voted on election day. The Clerk’s Office furnished unofficial results of the Nov. 3 election about 8:48 PM Tuesday eve. Political parties are identified as follows: Republican (REP), Democratic (DEM), Libertarian (LIB), Green (GRN), Constitution (CST).
For President and Vice President: REP Donald Trump and Michael Pence 8,106, DEM Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris 2,179, LIB Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy Cohen 150, GRN Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker 22, CST Don Blankenship and William Mohr 12, write-in 9. For Governor: REP Mike Parson 8,013, DEM Nicole Galloway 2,178, LIB Rik Combs 180, GRN Jerome Bauer 56, write-in 5. For Lt. Governor: REP Mike Kehoe 8,025,  DEM Alissia Canady 2,008, LIB Bill Slantz 167, GRN Kelley Dragoo 78, write-in 6.
For Secretary of State: REP John Ashcroft 8,157, DEM Yinka Faleti 1,877, LIB Carl Freese 172, GRN Paul Lehmann 87, CST Paul Venable 45, write-in 2. For State Treasurer: REP Scott Fitzpatrick 7,950, DEM Vicki Englund 2,046, LIB Nicholas Kasoff 202, GRN Joseph Civettini 59, write-in 3. For Attorney General: REP Eric Schmitt 8,073, DEM Rich Finneran 1,899, LIB Kevin Babcock 285, write-in 7. For U.S. Representative Dist. 4: REP Vicky Hartzler 7,977, DEM Lindsey Simmons 2,072, LIB Steven Koonse 272, write-in 6. For State Representative District 57: REP Rodger Reedy 4,126, write-in 31. For State Representative District 125: REP Jim Kalberloh 5,006, write-in 94.
For South District Commissioner: REP Larry Berry 3,460, DEM John Spry 1,706, write-in 14. For North District Commissioner: REP Scott Harms 4,654, write-in 46. For Sheriff: REP Eric Knox 9257, write-in 173. For Assessor: REP Jim Hansen 9,111, write-in 94. For Coroner: REP Weston Miller 9,092, write-in 79. For Surveyor: Jesse Wininger 8,946, write-in 84. For Public Administrator: REP Lori Dunkin 8,839, write-in 134. Shall Judge Patricia Breckenridge of the MO Supreme Court be retained in office? Yes 7,406, No 1,958. Shall Judge Tom Chapman of the Western District Court of Appeals be retained in office? Yes 7,418, No 1,894. Constitutional Amendment No. 1: Yes 4,799, No 5,245. Constitutional Amendment No. 3: Yes 5,889, No 4,216.
Please understand that voting results received in Benton County today do not reflect final numbers in both state and national races, and mail in votes here could adjust local figures somewhat.