Voters Lock In New Jail For Benton County

Homer May
County Reporter
About 8:30 PM April 3, Benton County Clerk Susan Porterfield furnished unofficial results of the Municipal Election held that date, via the County’s web site. If there were no write-ins, none was reported. And the most important news regarding that election may be: A new County Jail will be built.
Proposition One – Construction of a New Jail: Yes 2146, No 655. Junior College District of Sedalia – Two Trustees: Patty Wood 1171, Jim Page 1325, Diana Sadler-Martin 709, Cynthia Gray 839, Write-ins 18. Warsaw Fire Protection District – Two Board Members: Randy Johnson 672, Terry Marshall Sr. 517, Drew Stowe 671, Kyle Hessenflow 397, Write-ins 5. Lakeview Heights Fire Protection District – Two Board Members: Glen Lewis 81, Barbara Crider 48, Eva Banks 44, Write-ins 22. Cole Camp and Rural Fire Protection District – One Board Member, Write-ins 49.
Climax Springs R-IV School District – Two Board Members: Ashley Butterfield 8, Rashell Burke 9, Bonnie Danner 1. Warsaw R-IX School District – Two Board Members: Michael Schockmann 926, Richelle Caswell 839, Brandy Fajen 1173, Write-in 10. Wheatland R-II School District- Two Board Members: Troy Sutt 2, Chip Shaddox 1, Jocelyn Wheeler 2, Nicki Smith-Freed 5. Lincoln Community Nursing Home District- Tax Levy Proposition: Yes 296, No 307. Cole Camp Special Road District – One Board Member: Tom Craig 156, H.L. Bahrenburg 111, Write-in 1.
City of Cole Camp – For Mayor: Burton Bormann 175, Bryce Dawson 24, Write-in 2. For CC Alderman East Ward: Jeremy Pirtle 31, Gregory Ives 81. For CC Alderman West Ward: Wayne Karman 83, Write-in 4. Northwest Fire Protection District – two Board Members: Roger Leas 17, John Montemayor 7, Mike Klossner 10, Write-in 2. Shall the NWFPD be authorized to levy an additional tax of not more than 23 cents/$100 valuation to provide for the support of the District?: Yes 11, No 11. Shall the NWFPD be authorized to levy an additional tax of not more than 37 cents/$100 valuation to provide funds for support of the District?: Yes 10, No 12. City of Lincoln – Mayor: John King 116; Write-in 9; Alderman East Ward, Write-in 21; Alderman West Ward: Janice Swearngin 54, Write-in 6.  City of Warsaw – Mayor: Kevin Dockery 149, Eddie Simons 244, Write-in 1; Alderman Ward One: David Williams 119, Write-in 1; Alderman Ward Two: Terry Marshall Sr. 88, Write-in 6; Alderman Ward Three: Adam Howe 120, Write-in 5.
Please note that, per RSMo 115.124, if the number of candidates who have filed for a particular office is equal to the number of positions in that office to be filled by the election, no election shall be held for such office, and the candidate shall assume the responsibilities of their office at the same time and in the same manner as if they had been elected. There were 32 positions filled in that manner, during this election.