Warsaw Grants License Reprieve For Businesses

Homer May
County Reporter
 During a 5:45 PM Sep. 4 public hearing, to allow seven Warsaw business owners to come in and pay delinquent City business licenses, no delinquent business owner appeared. Alderpersons then decided that those owners would be given until close of business Wednesday Sep. 5 to renew their licenses. City Clerk Jessi Kendall said Sep. 10 that all seven business owners appeared at City offices before end of Wednesday and renewed their business licenses.  
The regular session opened at 6 PM, with Alderpersons Lou Breshears, Eric Masoner, Dave Williams, Terry Marshall Sr. present. Aldermen Eric Flores and Adam Howe were absent. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; City Clerk Kendall recorded. First business conducted was to approve minutes of the Aug. 20 council meeting and minutes of an executive session which followed.
Police Chief Jason Wenberg then presented a citizen commendation award to Michael Henderson, who recently assisted the Chief to subdue a person with whom the Chief was in a fight. Henderson kicked the gun away from that person, thereby possibly saving the Chief’s life. Henderson said he thought almost anyone would have done the same.
There was no old business, so the discussion moved into new business, with a discussion of a possible ordinance to set minimum square feet of primary residences in the City. The proposed ordinance will be reworked and returned to the next meeting of this group. Alderpersons then approved an ordinance levying a general revenue tax for 2018 for the City, said by some to be no increase over 2017.
In late business, the group discussed several possible locations for playground equipment already paid for but not yet delivered, then eventually authorized an expenditure of not more than $8,500 for an analysis which could determine best location. City Manager Randy Pogue said the expenditure is in the Parks & Rec. budget.
Reports were received from the City’s Departments, Boards and Commissions, with no comments from the group. The session closed at about 6:25 PM. These sessions are usually held on 1st and 3rd Monday eves, and visitors are welcome. But check with the City offices (438-5522) for up to date information.