Warsaw Resident Engulfed In Flames From Static Electricity

Anita Campbell and Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Life can change in an instant. No one is more aware of that than local resident J.D. Wilson, who was involved in a chemical flash fire on Tuesday, September 24 at 1:30 PM near Climax Springs. A Warsaw resident and owner of a take-out BBQ restaurant, he was seriously burned while working in a home in Climax Springs on Tuesday, September 24. The football coach for a local youth team, and father of three, was helping to put in a new washer and dryer for a couple, when an explosion occurred. Another man was helping with the job, but was outside of the house during the accident.
“Apparently, there was glue on the floor where the washer and dryer were to be placed and J.D. was using paint thinner to clean and dissolve the glue,” said Mitzi Culton, J.D.’s mother-in-law and mother of J.D.’s wife, Kenzi Culton-Wilson. “He said that he heard the air conditioning click on just before the explosion. The Fire Department determined that the explosion was caused by static electricity.”
“After I received the call that J.D. was being flown to Columbia, I jumped in the car and headed for the hospital, A nurse from the University of Missouri hospital called me to let me know that J.D. had arrived and was conscious. I was instructed to go directly to the E.R.” said Wilson’s wife Kenzi. 
When she arrived at the hospital, J.D. was waiting in the E. R. He refused to be taken to surgery before he saw his wife.  After a quick good-bye he was taken to surgery for surgical cleaning of his burned legs, arms and face.
J.D. Wilson is currently in the Columbia University Trauma Burn Center in ICU.  Mitzi Culton said that he will hopefully be put in a regular room in a week or two and will have a phone number. Kenzi Culton-Wilson has been posting updates on J.D.’s condition on her Facebook page and told about an infection that occurred on Sunday, September 29. Fortunately, Mitzi Culton said that the fever was reduced on Monday, September 30 and that J.D. should be able to start skin grafting soon. (In fact, it was reported on Facebook on October 1, that he had undergone surgery that morning.) 
“His muscles will continue to deteriorate, due to laying in bed, not using muscle, and the protein will continue to leak out of the muscle in the areas where the burns are,” said Kenzi on Sunday. “Legs and arms are your main source to everything…and that’s where his main burns are…so physical therapy will be a major thing in our future.”
J.D.’s mother-in-law said that he is such an active person that just laying there is driving him crazy. She said that he will be getting a burn suit to wear after he gets home that will keep the new grafted skin tight to help with the healing process. He will have to wear it for at least seven months and probably won’t be working again for a year.
The Wilson’s have two sons, 11 and 9 years old, and a 15-month old daughter. Their grandmother, Mitzi Culton, has helped take care of the children all their lives and is doing so while her daughter spends time with J.D., and tries to work a little bit at Studio 86 which she owns.
“I let the children face time with their Mom and Dad, and they enjoy that,” said Mitzi. “The children are in their own home, doing homework and other routine things, so they are doing pretty good.”
Mitzi is very appreciative of the help that the family has received from the community.
“Last Saturday, J.D.’s youth team had a game,” said Mitzi. “The Lincoln team had collected $900 for the family, Cole Camp’s team donated $200, and Windsor gave $600.  It was all presented to Kenzi on Saturday morning.”
Other fundraising events are taking place around the county too. Millie Kauffman Prichard asked the community to join Benton County Missouri Online Auctions to be a part of an event on Wednesday, October 9. “All 100% of the money made from all auctions will go directly to Kenzi Culton Wilson and her family. Prichard said that all money made from this benefit needs to be given to Mariah Brueggeman, Cheryl Tertipes Beach, or to Prichard. She also said that if anyone has items to auction or money to donate, they may drop them off with her (Millie Prichard) at Truman Lake Marine. 
Coach Wilson’s young football team is also trying to help the family by placing donation boxes around town, and numerous other fundraisers are in process.
Cassie Sanders, owner of Wit’s End, located in the old Dollar General at 1083 Main Street, in Warsaw, will host a Chili Supper fundraiser for the Wilson family on Saturday, October 5. It begins at 4 PM and goes until there is no more food. A free will donation will be accepted at the door, and if enough pies are donated, there will also be a pie auction. Wit’s End has a t-shirt business in the back of the building and retail space in front. The front area will be cleared out to make room for tables and chairs on Saturday. T-Shirts will be sold at the Chili Supper with 100% of the revenue going to the Wilson family. Sanders said that if anyone wanted to donate a pie, it could be dropped off at Wit’s End on Thursday or Friday. Anyone wanting more information may contact Sanders at 660-223-3571.