What A Blast! Jubilee Days Fueled With Music And Fun

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
Despite last minute changes and the threat of Drake Harbor flooding, the 53rd Annual Jubilee Days went on without a hitch according to the event chairman Chuck Allcorn.
“Jubilee Days was great,” exclaimed Allcorn. “We were so grateful that the weather was perfect and we didn’t have to deal with any rain outs. The Jubilee Days committee appreciates all the support from the community from monetary, physical and attendance support.”
The Annual Baby Contest started the annual Jubilee Days celebration. Ramah Boone, daughter of Ramie and David Boone, was selected as the 2019 Baby Girl Jubilee while Axel Richardson, son of Ally and Aaron Richardson, was selected as the 2019 Baby Boy Jubilee.
On Thursday, Donna Pitts was crowned as the 2019 Jubilee Days Queen. Pitts also won the Sash Award and the Interview Award.  Jaidyn Estes was first runner up as well as the winner of the Talent award and Miss Congeniality. Second runner up was Alexus Brown.  Autumn Long was the winner of Most Photogenic and Victoria Esser won Best Dress.
Grace Drake, daughter of Scott and Drake, was crowned as the 2019 Jubilee Days Princess. Drake also won the Sash Award and the Interview Award.  First runner up was Breanna Burriss; second runner up and Miss Congeniality was Tabitha Martinez; Lilia Jensen won the Talent Award and Jazzmyn Swisher won the Sash award, Most Photogenic and Best Dress.
Karly Keele was crowned as the 2019 Jubilee Days Junior Miss.  First runner up was Maci Callahan.  Second runner up and winner of the Best Dress was Brianna Fellers. Amelia Roberts won the Sash Award and the Best Interview Award.  Cecilia Shinn won the Talent Award and Miss Congeniality.  Riley Nevius won Most Photogenic.
Addison Young was crowned as the 2019 Jubilee Days Little Miss. First runner up and Top Costtume winner was Lainey Burnham.  Second runner up and Best Dress was Chloe Yoder.  Miss Personality was Bailey Steenburgen.
Early Saturday morning 42 brave souls participated in the “There’s No Place Like Home” 5K Run/Walk.  The overall winner was Whitney Porter with a time of 20:48.2.  Other top winners included:  second place, Jessica Gilgour; third place, Bailey Wagner; fourth place Kassidy Stewart; and fifth place Eric McCloud.
For the 12 and under female runners, winners included: first place, Ellaina Porter, 28:46.4; second place, Angela Porter, 31.42.6; third place, Cheyanne Terry, 45.52.4.
For the 13 – 15 female age group, the winner was Briella Porter, 29:43.7.
For the 21-29 females, winners included:  first place, Whitney Porter, 20:48.2; second place, Bailey Wagner, 22:12.5; third place, Jessica Harrington, 28:35.5.
Winners in the 30-39 female group included:  first place, Jessica Gilgour, 21:20.2; second place Kassidy Stewart, 22:45.6.
Winners in the 40-49 females included:  first place Diane Bellquist, 33:15.9; second place, Kristin Sanders, 33:26.8; third place, Teresa Hiler, 33:28.5.
For the 50-59 age group:  first place Dolly Allen, 32:25.2; second place, Brenda Porter, 33:22.9; third place, Dottie Ruettgers, 35:02.9; four place, Kathryn Porter, 37:22.5.
In the 60-69 age group, first place, Julie Harrington, 28.35.1; second place, Linda Russell, 39:25.3; third place, Mary Benjamin, 53:54.8; fourth place, Cheryl Kagarice, 57.46.9.
In the 70 and up age group, first place, Sharon Freeman, 40:13.5.
Male overall winner was Eric McCloud, 23:36.5.
In the 12 and under age group, first place, Eric McCloud, 23:36.5; second place, Austin Bellquist, 28:06.1; third place, Champ Porter, 28:46.7; fourth place, Gavin Bellquist, 33:16.8.
In the 16 to 20 age group, first place, Gregory Moore, 27:21.1.
In the 21 to 29 age group, first place, Danny McGeehan, 27:33.
In the 30 to 39 age group, first place, Caleb Gilgour, 24:30; second place, James Yebra, 25:30.6; third place, Justin Yoder, 25:46.9; fourth place, Joshua Terry, 45:52.2.
The 40 to 49 age winner was Chad Bellquist, 28:05.6.
In the 50 to 59 age group winners included:  first place, Leo Porter, 29:47.1 and second place, Gerard Porter, 30:51.4.
In the 60 to 69 age group, first place, Richard Doudrick, 28:29.6; second place, Ernest Hillen, 34:00.1; third place, Art Benjamin, 1:13.07.3.
In the 70 and up age group, first place, Hal Russell, 31:26.2 and second place, 41:38.5.
Turtle races were held on Main Street at 9 AM on Saturday.  Winners included:  0 to 2 years, first place, Liam Atkens; second place, Grant Morrison; third place, Cameron Taylor.
Two to Four year old winners:  First place, Serena Lake; second place, Pace Ledbetter, third place, Gatlin Ball.
Four to Six year old winners:  First place, Macy Manford; Second place, Preston Phillips Bigel; third place, Logan Casteel.
Six to eight year olds:  Kinzley Manford; second place, Austin Bellouist; third place, Roland White.
Eight to ten year olds:  First place, Linlea Russell; second place, J’Nell Batcena; third place, Emarie Eckhoff.
Ten to twelve year olds:  First place, Charlotte Carroll; second place, J’Aea Batcena; third place, Ryder White.
Overall turtle winner:  Macy Manford.
Bike races were held on Main Street right after the turtle races.  Results included:  Training Wheels-boys, first place, Ethen Johannes; second place Pace Ledbetter.  Training Wheels-girls, first place Tegan; second place, Rylynn McLerran; third place, Aubree Callahan.
Seven and eight year old-boys, first place, Logan Casteel; second place, Carson Kirk; third place, Ryker McLerran.  Seven and eight year old – girls, first place, Grace Schaeffer; second place Trinity Rogers; third place, Eibhlin Lawson.
Nine and ten year old-boys, first place, Caden Casteel; second place, Wyatt Drake; third place, Reece Kellner.
Nine and ten year old – girls, first place, Trinity Rogers.
Eleven year old – boys, first place, Gavin Bellquist; second place, Trentin Crabtree; third place, Damien Chippers.
Parade results included:  Best in Parade: American Legion Post 217; Best Theme:  Anita Campbell and Campbell Grandchildren; Most Original: American Legion Post 217; Best Non-profit: Lion’s Club; Best Youth Float: Anita Campbell and Campbell Grandchildren; Best Community Spirit:  Benton County Rodeo.
The Friends Of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office (FOBCSO) participated in the Jubilee Days Parade. Representatives Warren Love and Rodger Reedy rode on FOBCSO’s float along with several students who participated in the DARE Program. Other students from the DARE program walked in front of the float holding the FOBCSO sign and others handed out candy to parade watchers. All the DARE students wore shirts provided by FOBCSO.
The next Jubilee Committee meeting will be on the third Thursday of June in the North Town Hawthorn Bank at 5 pm.  All volunteers are welcome.