WHS Grad Ready For Army Life And College

Tyler Simons
Enterprise Staff
 Dallas Larsen, a long time Benton County resident and graduate from Warsaw High School in 2018, recently graduated from basic military training and AIT in Fort Leonard Wood here in Missouri. 
Larsen’s company was Alpha 2-48 during basic and Charlie 84th Chem Battalion in AIT. He was the PT stud in both basic and AIT, and graduated top 10 academically as a PV2 on November 1, 2018.
As is common knowledge, military training can involve some of the most grueling, character testing moments a person can experience. Larsen attests to this notion, but said, “The most memorable times were the ones that were most difficult. It was by far the strictest environment I’ve been in, but we managed to still have fun.”
While he was at basic and AIT, Larsen kept Warsaw in mind. Going for runs around town and getting to spend time with family and friends pushed him to do his best during his time away. 
The military requires extreme amounts of dedication and motivation. Only the strong minded and iron willed individuals make it out successful. “My family and friends kept me going. I wanted to make them proud, but also wanted to push myself harder and further than ever before.” 
Now that he is home, Larsen is enjoying all the freedom he has back, appreciating the little things in daily life. 
Along with continuing drill for CBRN, Larsen will attend Missouri S&T for the Spring semester, participating in the ROTC program available there to train towards becoming a military officer.
Although it was a testing time, Dallas looks back on his time spent at basic and AIT as some of the best of his life and has numerous stories as a result. 
Benton County is home to countless veterans and active military members, whom we couldn’t be prouder or more thankful to have. If you see Larsen, or any soldier for that matter, make sure to show your appreciation for all they do, day in and day out.