Woman Fatally Shot Inside Lincoln Home

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Benton County deputies were dispatched to Eagle Bay at approximately 5:15 AM, on October 31, where they found Kathy R. Bolejack, 32, fatally shot at her residence, 28160 Spirit Drive, Lincoln. The reporting party, Shawn P. Jones, 47, residing at the same address, has been charged in the shooting and is presently being held in the Benton County Jail.
Deputies found Jones waiting outside when they arrived at the scene, and Bolejack was located in a northeast bedroom, lying on a bed with a single gunshot wound to her left temple area. Although there was a .22 caliber rifle leaning next to the bed, it was determined that Bolejack’s head wound was not consistent with that of a .22 round. When Jones was asked to describe what had occurred, he stated that he heard a “pop” while taking a shower, and found Bolejack on the bed with a gun in her hand. Jones stated that he removed the gun from her hand, got scared, and took the gun outside and threw it into the woods.
Sheriff Knox, who always goes to the scene of shootings, arrived at the residence soon afterwards and talked to the deputies. They found quite a few inconsistencies that did not match Jones’ version of the shooting incident. Then, the Coroner arrived and after he and the Sheriff talked about the scene, they too found inconsistencies with what a suicide should look like. Investigators spent many hours looking into the shooting and finding evidence to prove what really happened that morning.
A couple of hours later, the Missouri State Highway Patrol – Division of Drugs and Crime Control (DDCC), arrived with truckloads of equipment to use when going through the crime scene.  Jones was asked to report to the Sheriff’s office and members of the DDCC team held more interviews with him, presenting the case against him. Jones then changed his version of what happened and admitted that during an altercation with Bolejack, he took a firearm away from her and shot her with that firearm.
“Jones was charged with Voluntary Manslaughter, Armed Criminal Action, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Tampering with Physical Evidence,” said Sheriff Knox. “His Bond has been set at $500,000.00.”
Jones is a classified felon and was in possession of three firearms, two revolver pistols and one rifle. He was convicted of a felony in Caldwell County in 1998.
There have been other shootings in Benton County during 2018 including that of Caleb L. D. Shephard, of Lincoln, who died from a gunshot to the abdomen in January. Warsaw Police Chief, Jason Wenberg was shot in the chest by a 16-year old suspect in May, and was released from the hospital after treatment.  Fortunately, he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.