Benton County Sheriff's Office Investigating Shooting Last Tuesday Night


On 06/04/24 at approximately 10:42 PM a 911 call came into the Benton County Central dispatch. The caller, Kathleen “Dawn” Burr 49, stated that her husband, Nicholas Burr Sr. 41 had been shot by their juvenile son (age 15) while she was being physically assaulted. Nicholas did not survive his wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. This incident occurred in Arrowhead Estates in rural Edwards. This is an ongoing investigation with a massive amount of evidence to be processed. As of today’s date, we have not had an opportunity to interview the juvenile due to the complexities of dealing with juvenile law. We do not have the most important perspective of this incident, the juvenile’s point of view. Preliminary investigations based on the scene, the initial processing of evidence, Kathleen’s interview and injuries are consistent with domestic violence. The preliminary investigation suggests “Self-defense or defense of another” under the Missouri Revised Statute 563.031, was warranted. Both Kathleen and her son were transported by ambulance for a medical evaluation for injuries received during the incident. Both were treated and released from a nearby hospital. The juvenile is not in custody. I will update you as we get further information.