Cole Camp To Study Plan For New Hotel


In new business Thursday eve, Cole Camp Aldermen approved a study which will indicate to city planners the feasibility of constructing a hotel in the city. Concern was expressed by some that such a facility should maintain the city's historic character and not be a magnet for crime. Another question emerged, as the group questioned if the city could support such a business.
The meeting opened at 7:00 PM on November 16, with Aldermen Jon Beckman, Diana Burdick, David Locke, Mindy Fox present. Mayor Bob Meuchke presided; City Clerk Dawn Paul recorded.
First actions by the group were to approve the eve's agenda and regular and closed meeting minutes for October 19, plus a budget amendment for 2023, also approve payment of October bills and okay financials for the city, then adopting a resolution to continue membership in the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission. There was no old business.
In new business, the group approved two measures accepting TAP grants for the west side of downtown Maple Street and the Rock Island Trail. The trail grant finalizes a deal with MO DOT and will build a trail head. Mayor Meuschke presented a preliminary overview of the city's 2024 budget, with no present request for approval.
Clerk Paul reported the city presently has a CD in the amount of about $1,343,000, that its new website is up and running, that software for its office is now working, and that filing for several Board offices will open December 27.
Public Works Director Heath Roark said the upper north side water project is finished. He added that the city has a serious water inflow and infiltration problem and reported a need for a sewer camera, which would cost about $14,000. He was approved by the group to purchase one.
Police Chief Jeff Canfield reported his department has new "fantastic" laptops and lightweight bullet-proof vests. He reported a need for traffic signs near the Lutheran school, to be put in the 2024 budget. One of his officers then discussed a need for a new police vehicle, not presently approved.
Mayor Meuschke reported he recently met with energy companies Evergy and Brightspeed, relating to city electrical needs. He also indicated the city may need to update its rules relating to citizens keeping poultry in their yards.
In late session, citizen Marge Lumpe asked if progress was made toward getting pickleball courts in the city's parks. Mayor Meuschke responded that the city recently applied for a related grant.
The group went into executive session about 8:20 PM. These open sessions are usually held on 3rd Thursday eves. Visitors are welcome.