Flags Fly High For Warsaw Leathernecks Amid Ceremony


Incorporating this heartfelt addition, the narrative for the Warsaw Leathernecks MCL #1254 at 607 East Jefferson Street in Warsaw becomes even more personal and poignant.

"The flag, for me, is not just a symbol but a profound reminder of freedom, strength, and the sacrifices required to maintain these values,” stated Eric Kirby, member.

"My decision to serve from August of '84 to August of '88, including over three years stationed overseas as an 0311 Infantry, was driven by the deep respect and honor I feel towards what our flag represents to the world. It's a privilege to have carried that flag on foreign lands, a testament to the ideals we hold dear.”

What is a Leatherneck?

Leatherneck is a military slang term in the U.S. for a member of the United States Marine Corps. It is generally believed to originate in the wearing of a "leather stock" that went around the neck.

The mission of the Marine Corps League Leatherneck community is to promote the interest and preserve traditions of the United States Marine Corps; strengthen the fraternity of Marines and their families; serve Marines and FMF Navy Personnel who wear or who have worn the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor; and foster the ideals of Americanism.

The Marine Corps League offers funeral honors, scholarship, and award programs, assists transitioning Marines through the Marine for Life program, and resources for Marines and their dependents in communities across the country.

"With the new flagpole and flags, we, the Leathernecks Warsaw Leathernecks MCL #1254, aspire to signify our detachment's steadfast presence in our town—always ready to support our community and ensure our flag is revered," Kirby said.

Kirby’s experiences extended to the historic shores of Iwo Jima, where he had the honor of ascending Mt. Suribachi to the site of the iconic flag-raising. This journey, and his witnessing the ground where heroes fought and triumphed, has instilled in him a lifelong commitment to protect and respect the flag.

As a proud local Warsaw graduate, and as the commandant of this detachment, Kirby said, "I am driven by the rich traditions of the Marine Corps. Even beyond active duty, our mission continues: supporting our fellow veterans, inspiring pride in our youth, and aiding those in need. Our goal is to become the state's premier detachment, a journey we are dedicated to, embodying the Marine ethos of never giving up and always adapting and overcoming . . . IMPROVISE, ADAPT AND OVERCOME."

In conclusion, Kirby sent thank you's to everyone who contributed, donated, and provided support to make this happen.