Fristoe News

The Fristoe area has had really nice weather for the most part with nice rains and temperatures that can be tolerated.  Gardens are producing lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and many other veggies to be enjoyed.
FIRST:  It was announced at Fristoe Pentecostal Church  on Sunday morning that the church was planning to hold Revival (BRUSH ARBOR) services on September 21, 22 and 23, beginning at 6:00 PM each evening!  As more  information is put out, more will be included in this column!
Prayer requests for this week: Russ Weeks, Kathy First, Carolee Apperson, Lewis and Judy Retherford, Gladys Harris, Easter Willis, Curtis Allen and Mary Scarbrough!  
Happy anniversary to Br. and Sis. Smith as they celebrated their 49th anniversary on August 9.  
Many area youth had products entered in the Missouri State Fair this week and many also give demonstrations on their products.  I really enjoyed the MO State Fair, both working there and just going for entertainment.   
As I continue with my story from 20 years ago, here it comes!  I began classes at State Fair Community College in January 2000 along with Donna Grotz, Lola Palmer, Judy Smith and several more.  Several times I said I don't think I can do this; I am going to quit, but my friend Donna and my family was very supportive and would say, "NO YOU ARE NOT; you are going to do this!"  I am proud to say that all of the women who started to school with me finished in December 2001, or some sooner! Yes, our lives changed, and yes, as the Reba McEntire song said, "There Is Life Out There". I will finish the story next week!
Everyone needs to remember that in the next week or so every  school will be open and children will be meeting school buses and other rides, so pay attention along streets and other roads.  Warsaw and Climax Springs schools will convene on Tuesday, August 22.  
Fristoe Pentecostal Lighthouse Church had a great congregation on Sunday with several, one being Kathy First, who was at church and enjoyed herself!  Claude and the Lighthouse Singers sang a great special. Also Ken, DoBee and Brenda did a wonderful special as did Br. Cunnigham on his special!  The Sunday School is still studying in the book of  2 Chronicles about Solomon following God's direction and leading of building the temple that King David had wanted to build but God said, "no". It must be when Solomon was made King that God would give directions to him (Solomon) to build the temple.  Br. Smith's message for Sunday was Exodus Chapter 14 and where Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and how God used the spreading of blood over the door to show who was covered by God. It is only by being covered by the blood of Jesus that we can be saved!
Thought for the week:     Any person that does things that really count doesn't usually stop to count them!
Hope everyone reading The Fristoe News has a wonderful week! God Bless!