Fristoe News


The weather has been a wonderful week of autumn life in Missouri. Hopefully it will stay halfway like it has been for Thanksgiving. I remember a few Thanksgiving weekends when it was snowy. Just another Missouri weather picture.
Got a short catch-up from Gracie Yoder this week and I am gonna send a bit of it along. Their team is living at Victory Church on Siam Reap helping the Pastor and his wife with the ministry there. They are teaching at University of Southeast Asia about American Culture and also English, and helping with the church service. The Lord's spirit is moving greatly in Cambodia. This week they will be going to a church plant of Victory Church in province Battambang, which is 3 hours away. Asking prayers for unity for the team and praying they have safe travels to Thailand in the beginning of December.
Everyone remember Gracie and her team when you are saying prayers, along with Lovely Henderson, Donna Nelson, Jeanne Wright, Duncan (DoNut) Kathy First, Lewis and Judy Retherford, Carolee Apperson, Gladys Harris, Easter Willis, Curtis Allen and Mary Scarbrough.
I appreciate when people approach me and say they like reading the Fristoe News. Last week it was a person I went to school with and then later worked with her and her husband. This person is Linda Flippen Swearngin and her husband is Lance. She said she enjoyed reading about Fristoe. Hi Linda, and you and Lance have a great Thanksgiving!
The Cross Timbers Rural Fire Department had their annual chili/soup and pie auction benefit on Saturday, November 18. Dean and I attended and took some pies, bought some cakes and saw people we hadn't seen in awhile and did a lot of visiting. The Cross Timbers Rural Fire Department covers into the Fristoe area and includes the Fristoe Lighthouse Church. The fire department always appreciates all the help that can be given!
Shoutout to Climax Springs girls basketball team as they went to Weaubleau for the season opening Jamboree and the girls played six games and WON 5 of them, GREAT!
The Fristoe Pentecostal Lighthouse Church was blessed by many in attendance on Sunday morning. Sunday School adults was a lesson on A Christians use of Technology in the world today. Claude and The Lighthouse Singers did a great job on the special "I Can't Even Walk Without Holding Your Hand" then DoBee did a wonderful job with "Thank You Lord For Your Blessing's On Me", and Br. Dave sang a beautiful hymn, "How Would You Plead". Br. Smith's message is from the book of Daniel Chapter 6; a wonderful sermon about how Daniel made a choice to keep living for God and to keep praying even when he was told he would lose his life if he did. God closed the mouths of the lions when Daniel was thrown in the lion's den because Daniel did what God instructed. Br. Smith encourages all of us to follow God's leading.
Thought for the week: People don't care how much you know until you use what you know to show how much you care!
Hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving!