Fristoe News


There has been lots of rain in the Fristoe area this past week, with the Turkey Creek overflowing putting it over the bridge that crosses Angus Road. The flooding over the bridge has left so much gravel and rocks on the bridge it is almost impossible to cross if driving a small car. However, the moisture is providing gardeners with really good crops of spring produce. To name some is lettuce, radishes, onions, cabbage, and soon cucumbers, potatoes and strawberries. The Fristoe area is blessed with great gardens!

Prayers this week for Kathy First, Gladys Harris, Curtis Allen and Mary Scarbrough.

Happy Birthday this coming week to Lincoln McGuire, Boston Jackman and a special birthday shout-out to Sis. Billie Ullum. Billie and her husband, Br. Kenneth Ullum pastored the Fristoe Pentecostal Church for over 10 years and he has now passed away. They were special to us.

Got word from Gracie Yoder that she left Guatemala last week and was reporting how much she really loved that area and would miss it. We wish Gracie the best of everything and have enjoyed keeping up with her missions and we want her to know how much we appreciate her keeping the Fristoe News up to date on her mission adventures and how The Lord was her and her team in the mission field.

Adam and Bridget Arnett, along with youngest daughter Maddie, will be having a Graduation Party on Saturday, May 18 at the Fristoe Community Building beginning at 10:00 AM. Laney graduates from Warsaw High School Thursday night which, weather permitting, will be an outdoor ceremony! Come out and enjoy the festivities on Saturday.

News is being announced that "Old Brush Arbor" Revival services at The Fristoe Pentecostal Lighthouse Church begin on Wednesday night, May 29 and will continue thru at least Saturday night, June 1 and maybe longer. Mark your calendars.

The Fristoe Lighthouse Church celebrated Mother's Day by giving each mother a nice gift and the oldest mother present received a potted flower. The oldest mom was, of course, Mary Evelyn Scarbrough and she was present.

Br. Smith's message was found in Romans chapter one. Br. Smith brought forth a message that he equated to Paul. He said that he was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ just as Paul said he was not either. If you want to hear the true word preached, visit The Fristoe Pentecostal Lighthouse.

Thought for the week: Days are identical suitcases-all are the same size-but some people can pack a lot more into them than others can!

Here is hoping everyone reading The Fristoe News has a great week!