Goetze Brothers Unveils Super New Showroom In Northtown


Goetze Bros. Carpet and Furniture in Stover has served the area since 1969, and recently expanded into Warsaw with the grand opening of Goetze Bros. Carpet on June 15. Owners Richard and Onja Goetze thought about opening a second store for a long time and chose Warsaw because they felt comfortable in the growing community that had active businesses and a Chamber of Commerce. It is located at 101 Locust Lane.

“Warsaw also got our attention because it is similar to the small community we live in (Stover), and it had been on our radar for a second location when we camped and fished nearby,” said Richard Goetze. “It is a very workable job and close enough to our home that we don’t have the hassle of driving long distances.”

Goetze said that his dad, Jim Goetze, and his father’s brother, Dan Goetze, started the Stover business in 1969 selling carpet. In 1975, they began selling furniture too. Goetze worked in the store installing carpet until his uncle passed away and then he moved into the store selling alongside his dad. Onja Goetze joined him in the business when their two children entered school, and now their son, Garrett Goetze, the third generation, works at the Warsaw and Stover store.

“We carry all kinds of different brands of carpet as well as a full-flooring line including vinyl, plank, ceramic tile, laminate and even wall tile and stacked stones,” said Goetze. “Although we don’t sell it in the Warsaw store, we can provide furniture to local customers. We are proud to have products for every budget and lifestyle. We would love to have people stop in and introduce themselves to us. We want customers to get a good product at a good price, and we want to be part of this community.”

Goetze said that his dad once told him to find an eight-to-five job with benefits and retirement. But he said here he is and wholeheartedly enjoys the job and people. He complemented his local employees William, Kara and Suzy who he said are amazing and have been through extensive training.

When asked if there had been any memories of unusual shoppers or experiences in the past, Goetze said that they have had musicians and former football players come in, and he enjoyed visiting with them. He said one of his carpet salesmen from the past was a KY3 weatherman, and the man’s mother had graduated from the same school as his mother.

In addition to a son, the Goetze family has a daughter, Katelyn Goetze in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who is a kindergarten teacher and was recently engaged to be married. They also have two “adorable” puppies, Jaxson and JoJo, and are dog sitting their grand-dog Australian Shepherd named Charlie.

Hours for the Goetze Bros. Carpet store are Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM The store also offers after-hours appointments.