Promising LHS Junior Class Looks To Rebound From Frequent Injury History


The big three; Dawson Parrott, Riley Sanders and Anthony Srader, had Final Four written all over them, but thus far, injuries have derailed their hopes, dreams, development and some goals.

Last season, Lincoln football struggled through their season with just 13 players for the most part. "Bug" Srader was done after the second game and Sanders went down late which left Parrott to run the show.

All three missed parts of the basketball season as well.

Now Parrott and Bug are out for the summer.

We had a chance to chat to all three about life, injuries and summer plans.

Anthony Srader is fondly referred to as "Bug' around Lincoln High School.

In case you were wondering, Anthony became "Ant" and then "Ant" transformed into simply "Bug".

This reporter believes Bug could become an outstanding running back for the Lincoln Cardinals. His shoulder needs to heal and he needs to return to practices under the supervisor of running back assistant Coach Connor Spunaugle.

Asked about his summer, Bug replied, "I will be working and doing sports this summer and be in the gym on my own time."

He went on to say, "I am healthy, I just have my shoulder that needs to finish healing."

"I will be playing golf, basketball and maybe football depending on how my shoulder feels," he added. "Just canoing, no big vacations, because I need to get better at basketball."

Sanders, labeled as the next "big thing" by some, got hurt dunking a basketball in gym class and later was bitten by a horse.

Sanders commented on his summer by saying, "I am playing a lot of baseball, working, summer weights program and summer basketball and football stuff."

Sanders made sure to emphasize that he is also "completely healthy".

His summer will be consumed by playing baseball, basketball and football, in preparation of upcoming season.

"We have no real vacation planned," he said. "We are gone a lot for baseball right now and are super busy all summer."

Parrott is on crutches after being injured in summer ball.

He shared his story.

"My summer plans got drastically changed during my first summer baseball tournament," he said. "I was set to be starting in center field and 2nd in the line up for the American Legion Post 131 Mule Club team from Warrensburg, but on opening weekend, I went 7 for 13 with 6 RBI, 6 runs scored and 9 stolen bases.

During one of those times, I slid into 2nd and hurt my knee."

He went on, "It hurt but I continued to play through it all weekend and we won the tournament!"

But the pain didn't go away.

"By Tuesday, I felt a little better and went to the first weights and agility of the summer. I did fine until the last drill and my injury returned," he said. "I tore my meniscus, had surgery, and now my summer plans are 3 months of recovery and rehab."

"I was set to attend multiple football camps also, including one at Quincy University where Devon punts. I went last summer and was excited to go back," he said.

He added. "I’m thankful I had already attended three football camps before the injury; one was a blue and gray combine and I got 1st in the 40 yard dash. There were over 50 juniors and seniors there and I received a 3 star rating."

"My plans are to come back stronger then before. I plan to work hard to get back in time for most of football."

Parrott isn't about to let his most recent injury derail his summer plans.

"As for vacation, we are headed to Texas and we are making several stops, but the most important one to me is watching the Padres play the Texas Rangers," he said. "I am also looking forward to going to NASA in Houston and Galveston Beach."

There are other talented athletes in this junior class well worth mentioning. Laid back Ben Eckhoff is the Cardinals' hope in basketball. The 6'4" center needs improvement in the paint to be a real force, but he is getting there.

If Lincoln can find a point guard then big things could happen this coming season.

Eckhoff is also a key lineman on the football team.

Hunter Vandaveer showed his stuff on the baseball field this past season and should help to anchor a strong rotation for Lincoln this next Spring.

We will save the rest for another time.