Siegel And Laue Claim Top Two Spots At WHS

The top two graduating seniors gave speeches at the WHS graduation Thursday night, May 18.  Both of the graduates have plans to continue their education next year.
Anna Siegel, the daughter of Bethany Siegel and Zachary Siegel, graduated as the valedictorian of the Class of 2023.  During her high school career, she was the president of Math Club, co-president of FBLA; vice president of National Honor Society and treasurer of Student Council.  Siegel was also active in golf and archery.
Her future plans are to attend Washington University to study medical engineering then attend medical school with an emphasis in neurology.
Through her hard work during her educational experience, Siegel has been awarded a full ride for her next four years at Washington University.  She was also accepted to Columbia University which she may attend after receiving her bachelor degree.
“I decided on Washington University because it is a great school but not crazy far from home,” said Siegel.
Siegel said she would miss WHS next year because of the close friendships and relationships she had with her teachers.
“I want to thank my mom, Mrs. Spunaugle and Mr. Waller for all their help on my journey,” said Siegel.
To the WHS undergraduates, Siegel offers the advice to keep working hard.  “Even if you are not super interested in the subject, keep working because it will pay off in the future,” said Siegel.
Siegel recently tested into Calculus 3 for her first year of college.
Salutatorian Ashlyn Laue also spoke to the Class of 2023 at the graduation ceremony.  Laue, the granddaughter of Peggy and Andrew Laue, has chosen Truman State University in Kirksville for her undergraduate degree.  Her plans are to major in biochemistry and molecular biology then attend medical school to focus on sports medicine.
“I always thought I wanted to become a lawyer but then my sister Kaitlyn became a paramedic and I became interested in the medical field,” said Laue.  “I have always loved math and science so it seemed like a natural fit for me.”
While a student at WHS, Laue was active in volleyball, basketball, archery, and golf.  She was also the president of National Honor Society, president of the Robotics team, vice president of Math Club, and a member of FBLA and Student Council.
“I will miss playing sports because my teammates were part of my family,” said Laue.
Laue’s advice to underclassmen is to be their own person.  “Don’t care about what anybody else thinks about you,” said Laue.  “Be your own person.”
While Laue said she would miss WHS and all of her friends, she said she would especially miss Mrs. Spunaugle and the great birthday parties she threw.
“I am blessed as a teacher to have been a part of their journey,” said Spunaugle.  “Look out world, you’ve got some amazing girls ready to do some great things.”  
*     *     *
Beautiful weather gave the eighty-four Warsaw High School graduation candidates a special night to share with family and friends as the Class of 2023 became WHS alumni on May 18 on Randy Morrow Field.
The evening opened with the national anthem sung by senior vocalists.  WHS Principal Danny Morrison welcomed the crowd followed by Superintendent of School Scott Gemes speaking to the Class of ’23.
Ashlyn Laue presented the Salutatorian Address followed by special music by the senior vocalists.
Valedictorian Anna Siegel gave the next speech followed by the presentation of diplomas by School Board President Mike Schockmann.
Student Council President Ashley Spry gave closing remarks.
The Class of 2023 earned a total of $3,541,078 in scholarship to further their education.
Angelisa Amos received the A+ Scholarship worth $18,000.
Nickolas Bagley received the McMillin and Hockett Scholarship, $500; Warsaw Booster Club Scholarship, $500; Live Like Bailey, $1,500.
Bobbie Baumli received Freshman Multicultural Scholarship, $4,00; Northwest Merit Scholarship, $4,000; Kevin LaPittus Memorial Scholarship, $500; Academic Excellence Award, $350; A+ Scholarship, $18,000; Norwest Promise Grant, 100% full tuition.
Landon Boggs, A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Tayten Boyer received Dean’s Scholarship, $16,500; Football Scholarship, $25,200; Scholarship Competition Award, $4,000; Discover Iowa Award, $4,000; Warsaw Booster Club, $500; A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Reece Brazel received the A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Whitney Brown received the Provost Award, Federal Pell Grant, Estm. Access Missouri Grant, Federal SEOG Grant, Missouri Land Grant, 100% tuition covered; A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Gracie Comer received the A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Abegail Dendish received the WARM House Scholarship, $1,000; Tower Scholarship, $8,000; Freshman multicultural, $4,80; NW A+, $6,000; Curators Scholars award, $20,000; Academic Excellence, $8,000; Inclusive Excellence, $20,000; Academic Excellence, $350; A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Rian Dotson received Academic Excellence, $350; A+ Scholarship, $18,000; Missouri Access Extra Scholarship, $2,000; Inclusive Excellence, $16,000.
Trevor Downing received the A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Isabelle Edge received the A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Abegail Feltrop received the Red & Black Scholarship, $18,000.
Brieanna Felon received the A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Hannah Harrell received the Missouri State USBC Championship, $84; Benton County 4-H FFA Youth Fair Royalty Scholarship, $200; Cooper Dome, $8,000; Provost Award Scholarship, $4,000; Roo Scholarship, $6,000; Western Scholarship, $16,800.
Rachael Hawkins received the Benton County Community Foundation, $500.
Perrie Judd received the Joel Helland Alumni Leadership Scholarship, $1,000; A+ Scholarship, $18,000; Red and Black Scholarship, $1,000.
Hudson Karr received the A+ Scholarship, $18,000; Heisman School Winner, State Qualifier; Mozarkite Scholarship, $1,000; Floyd and Edna Davis Scholarship, $1,000; Wrestling Athletic Scholarship, $80,960; Lead Award, $2,000; Trustees’ Merit Scholarship, $16,500; Men’s Wrestling Scholarship, $8,000; Eagle Scholarship, $6,000; Shane D. Voyles Scholarship/Lillie Louis Ford/Joseph J. Frank/ Erma W. Taylor, TBD; Fajen Foundation, $1,000; First
United Methodist Scholarship, $1,000; Academic Excellence, $350; Warsaw Booster Club, $500.
Janie Kilgore received A+ Scholarship, $18,000; Heisman, State Qualifier; Friends of the FFA Scholarship, $250; Academic Excellence, $350.
Ashlyn Laue received the Hagan Scholarship, $60,000; President’s Honor Scholarship, $10,000; Tru-Merit Scholarship, $12000; Harold C. and Mabel Hackler Price Scholarship, $1,000; Kinkead Family Scholarship, $800; Mary Lay Scholarship, $1,000; Warsaw School Alumni Scholarship, $1,400; Floyd and Edna Davis Scholarship, $1,000; First United Methodist Scholarship, $1,000; Academic Excellence $350; KU Excellence Scholarship, $32,000; CMU Academic Excellence Scholarship, $40,000; CMU Volleyball Athletic Scholarship, $8,000; Warsaw Chamber of Commerce Academic Excellence, $350; CAFNR Scholarship, $4,000; FS Missouri Land Grant, $10,656; Curators Scholar Award, $20,000; Federal Work Study, $16,000; KU Excellence Scholarship, $64,000.
Karly McKenna received Breaking Traditions, $250; Academic Excellence, $350.
Ellie Murrell received the Leathernecks Scholarship, $1,000; Benton County Health Department Scholarship, $500; Bakkan Family Scholarship, $4,000; Henry Kugler Jr. Special Award, $500; Floyd and Edna Davis Scholarship, $1,000; Fajen Foundation scholarship, $1,000; Academic Excellence, $350; Live Like Bailey Scholarship, $1,500; A+ Scholarship, $18,000; District Board of Trustees Scholarship, $4,000.
Samantha Pearman received the Academic Excellence, $350; and the A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Jayson Roberts received the Warsaw MSTA Scholarship, $250.
Logan Schockmann received the Presidential Scholarship, $80,000; Curators Scholars Award, $20,000; WCMMEA Scholarship, $500; McMillin and Hockett Scholarship, $500; Drury University Music Activity Grant, $1,000; First United Methodist Scholarship, $1,000; Academic Excellence, $350; A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Cameron Seevers received the A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Anna Siegel received the Hagan Scholarship, $60,000; Access Extra Scholarship, $2,000; Enterprise Holding Scholarship, $280,000; Washington University Scholarship, $1,940; Additional Washington U. Scholarship, $22,000; Start-Up Grant, $6,000; Summer Earnings Replacement Grant, $6,200; Access Missouri Program Grant, $9,120; Opportunity Vanderbilt Biomedical Engineering Technology Scholarship, $6,800; Crescere Aude Summer Merit Scholarship, $24,000; Opportunity Vanderbilt University Scholarship, $312,392; Columbia Grants, $328,320; Federal Grants, $15,780; NOP First Year Book Stipend, $1,293; Excellence Award, $14,000; Access Missouri Grant, $27,420;  UVA Federal Pell Grant, $16,984;  Federal SEOG Grant 2024, $4,000; Access Uva Scholarship II, $260,720; Warsaw School Alumni Scholarship, $1,400; Academic Excellence Awards Scholarship, $350; Academic
Excellence, $350; Access Missouri Grant, $1,140; FS Missouri Land Grant, $8,008; SP Missouri Land Grant, $8,012; A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Ashley Spry received KU Excellence Scholarship, $64,000; HU Elite Scholarship, $64,000; Presidential Scholarship, $88,000; A+ Recognition Scholarship, $2,000; Tru-Merit Scholarship, $12,000; President’s Honorary Scholarship, $10,000; Ground Breaker Scholarship, $26,000; Westminister Award, $120,000; Mason Distinction Scholarship, $72,000; Presidential Scholarship, $82,000; Priority Admission Scholarship, $500; Presidential Scholarship, $82,000; Renewable Scholarship and Grants, $48,000; True Merit Scholarship, $48,000; President’s Honorary Scholarship $24,000; Best Snack Bar, $1,000; BDL, $600; Mason Idea Scholarship, $32,000; MFA Foundation Scholarship, $2,000; Benton County Farm Bureau Scholarship 2023, $350; Floyd and Edna Davis Scholarship, $1,000; Academic Excellence, $350; A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Bailee Steiner received the Lincoln Hunting Club Scholarship, $1,000; Cosmetology Excellence, $1,000; A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Jazzmyn Swisher received the Access Extra Scholarship, $8,000; Jubilee Days Queen Scholarship, $200; Harper Education Scholarship, $500; John and Lela Owen Educational Scholarship, $400; Warsaw MSTA Scholarship, $250; Academic Excellence, $350; A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Gage Whitaker received the A+ Scholarship, $18,000.
Rachel Yoast received the KCAI Scholarship, $110,000.
Emily Younce received the Friends of FFA Scholarship, $250 and the Dean’s Scholarship $76,000.
Summa Cum Laude and top ten graduates included:  Anna Siegel, Ashlyn Laue, Gracie Comer, Abigail Dendish; Ashley Spry, Cameron Seevers, Logan Schockmann and Ellie Murrell.
Magna Cum Laude graduates included:  Janie Kilgor, Trevor Downing and Karly McKenna.
Cum Laude graduates included:  Hudson Karr, Rian Dotson, Jazzmyn Swisher, Samantha Pearnman, Whitney Brown, Taylor Banner, Bobbie Baumli, Rachel Hawkins, Reece Brazel, Colton Harding, Faith Tharaldson, and Bailee Steiner.
Anna Siegel, Ashlyn Laue and Logan Schockmann received Honors Diplomas.