State Treasurer Malek Meets Treasurer Renno


Missouri State Treasurer Vivek Malek visited Benton County Treasurer Rick Renno today to raise awareness of Missouri’s $1 billion in unclaimed assets, on National Unclaimed Property Day.

In Benton County, there is currently $2 million in unclaimed property for over 23,000 accounts. One in ten Missourians have unclaimed property, and the average return is nearly $300.

Treasurer Malek hopes that local efforts to raise awareness of unclaimed property will encourage Benton County residents to check the database and see if there is money that belongs to them.

“Whether it’s from an uncashed check, unused gift certificate or forgotten safe deposit box, many of us end up with unclaimed property,” said Treasurer Malek. “I want to give people back their money and it takes less than 20 seconds to check. So visit and come get your money!”

State law requires financial institutions, insurance companies, public agencies and other business entities to turn over assets, including cash and the contents of safe deposit boxes, to the Treasurer’s Office. Most Unclaimed Property consists of cash from bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and contents of safe deposit boxes that have been abandoned. It can also include uncollected insurance policy proceeds, government refunds, utility deposits, and wages from past jobs.

The Treasurer’s Office also safeguards more than 100 military medals and insignia. To help return these medals to the heroes who earned them, visit

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