Warsaw Limits Speed On Commercial St.


In new business Monday eve, Warsaw aldermen approved an ordinance limiting speed on Commercial Street from the Missouri Department of Transportation right-of-way to downtown at 25 miles per hour, thus perhaps eliminating some motorist confusion between that right-of-way and the city's downtown. The thought was "slow down and be safe."

The meeting opened at 6:00 PM, with Aldermen Lou Breshears, Adam Howe, Rob Coskey, Eric Flores present. Aldermen Reba Slavens and Doug Hedrick were absent. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; Clerk Jessica Kendall recorded. First actions by the group were to approve the eve's agenda and minutes of its February 5 meeting, then agree to pay bills presented.

In early session, Benton County Economic Development Director Jo Ann Lane introduced Richard Goetze and his wife Ona, owners of Goetze Brothers Carpeting.

Richard said the firm has started construction on its new business in the city and the firm will likely be open for business soon.

Benton County Tourism Director Lynette Stokes followed with her report: an Arts Festival will take place here on June 4, Whiteman AFB Day is scheduled for June 14, and Harbor Fest on August 1. She expects to do a tourism marketing study soon, and reported that Benton County Tourism has been doing a "ton of digital marketing" plus ads such as streaming radio and other varied ads. Stokes added she has problems getting the several local motels to remit the 3% lodging tax.

In new business, the group approved three additional ordinances: (1) Authorizing the city to contract with the County Tourism Commission for tourism and economic development, an annual contract; (2) An ordinance amending city definitions of a water purveyor; (3) An ordinance amending city code which defines a water purveyor. The group also passed a resolution allowing the Warsaw Police Department to use E-Ticketing of infractions. City Administrator Randy Pogue said this as a budgeted item.

In late session, the City Administrator furnished an RTP update, which will furnish lighting for the Joe Dice Swinging Bridge and walking trail. He will go out for bids soon, and expected that project will be done in 2025. Pogue also said a RAISE work session will be held soon, and aldermen set its date for the next Monday night meeting.

The session closed about 6:55 PM. The public is invited to the open sessions, which are usually held on 1st and 3rd Monday eves.