Warsaw Mathletes Compete At Smith-Cotton Contest


The Warsaw High School mathletes traveled to Smith-Cotton in Sedalia for a math competition last Saturday, January 27. The team consisted of Sarah Gilbert, Erin Goodpaster, Lovlie Haidusek, Hannah Wooldridge, Ashlynn Adams, Jaxson Deckard, Logan Gemes, Drake Murrell, MIchael Schliefert, Henry Breshears, Brayden Henderson, Elsie Hughes, Wesley Jackson, Levi Bilderback and Jasmin Myers. The team finished the day in second place overall when competing against other schools in the blue division. The blue division consisted of Warsaw, Stover, Cole Camp, Smithton, Father Tolton and Holden.

Team 10 consisting of Levi Bilderback, Henry Breshears, Elsie Hughes, and Wesley Jackson ended up in 3rd place. Team 11 finished in 2nd place with team members being Ashlynn Adams, Jaxson Deckard, Drake Murrell, MIchael Schliefer. Another 3rd place finish was Team 12 being Sarah Gilbert, Erin Goodpaster, and Hannah Wooldridge. Finishing with a strong 1st place medal was the Mixed Team of freshman Jasmin Myers, sophomore Brayden Henderson, junior Logan Gemes, and senior Lovlie Haidusek.

The following is a list of individual awards: Word Problems 9, Levi Bilderback (9th) Jasmin Myers (10th); Word Problems 10, Wesley Jackson (4th); Word Problems 11, Jaxson Deckard (3rd), Logan Gemes (8th); Word Problems 12, Hannah Wooldridge (8th), Sarah Gilbert (10th); Find a Place Challenge, Henry Breshears (1st), Drake Murrell (2nd), Ashlynn Adams (5th); Algebra 9, Levi Bilderback (5th); Algebra 10, Henry Breshears (3rd), Brayden Henderson (5th), Wesley Jackson (8th), Elsie Hughes (10th); Algebra 11, Logan Gemes (4th), Ashlynn Adams (5th), Jaxson Deckard (7th), Drake Murrell (8th); Algebra 12, Erin Goodpaster (2nd), Hannah Wooldridge (4th); Calculus, Lovlie Haidusek (4th), Michael Schliefert (6th); Geometry 9, Levi Bilderback (7th), Jasmin Myers (10th); Geometry 10, Elsie Hughes (7th), Brayden Henderson (9th); Right Triangle Trigonometry, Jaxson Deckard (5th), Ashlynn Adams (6th), Drake Murrell (7th), Logan Gemes (10th); Trigonometry, Wesley Jackson (2nd), Lovlie Haidusek (5th), Henry Breshears (6th); Probability and Statistics, Erin Goodpaster (1st), Hannah Wooldridge (5th), Micheal Schliefert (10th); Hodge Podge, Jaxson Deckard (2nd), Wesley Jackson (3rd), Logan Gemes (5th); Random Science, Drake Murrell (3rd), Hannah Wooldridge (4th), Henry Breshears (9th); Logic, Michael Schliefert (7th), Levi Bilderback (8th); Power Point Timed Test 9/10, Elsie Hughes (9th); Power Point Timed Test 11/12, Erin Goodpaster (2nd), Ashlynn Adams (3rd), Sarah Gilbert (8th).

In the top competitors, Wesley Jackson was the 2nd place sophomore. Jaxson Deckard was the 4th place junior. Erin Goodpaster was the 3rd place senior.

“I am very proud of these students, sponsor Amy Spunaugle said. "There were a few brand new competitors at this competition. The basketball tournament took out some of our competitors this round, so I was afraid we would not have enough to make a team. We were short two freshmen, but Warsaw came around to fill the spots in the upper grades. Their second place finish is a solid showing! Wesley, Jaxson and Erin being top competitors is always great to see. Congratulations to the Mixed Team’s 1st place, too."

"I also want to thank Mrs. Amelia Smith for taking the students to this competition when I had a prior engagement," said Spunaugle. "Having a strong math team of teachers helps these students out a lot."