WHS Biennial Reunion Brings Large Crowd Home To Warsaw


The 36th Biennial Warsaw All-School Reunion was held Saturday, June 8, 2024, at John Boise Middle School.

Alumni started arriving at two p.m. to enjoy socializing, viewing class photos, and remembering those who have passed.

At 5:30 PM, President of the Alumni Association, Donna Stull, called the business meeting to order. Nellie Scott Harper, Class of 1948, led the alumni in the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, new officers and members of the alumni board were elected. They include Scott Gemes (98), Sue McDaniels Stevens (78), Shannon Palmer Alcantara (89), and Gina Findley (89). Treasurer Debbie Stull Stowe (79), and board members Ann Kammeyer Porter (81), and Judy Kinkead (66) were presented plaques for their years of service to the Alumni Board. Each class was introduced beginning with 1948 and extending through 2024. Current and former teachers and staff were recognized, including music teachers Joe and Diane Bockelman (1961-1978), Jean Intelmann (1962-1970), and Nellie Scott Harper, who taught in country schools beginning in 1948 before teaching at South Elementary (1966-1994).

Alumni President Donna Stull announced that the 2023 Alumni Scholarship recipients were Anna Seigel and Ashlyn Laue. Six seniors applied for the 2024 Alumni Scholarship. Recipients will be announced at the end of June. President Donna Stull announced that the Alumni Association has over $78,000 in the scholarship fund thanks to the generous donations from alumni.

Warsaw R-9 Superintendent Scott Gemes gave a report on the new construction and renovations plans at all Warsaw campuses. He thanked all who continue to support our schools as they continue to grow.

Following a moment of silence to honor those alumni who had passed, the alumni sang the school song. Sue Stevens offered a blessing for the meal, which was prepared by the WHS Kitchen staff and served by the WHS cheerleaders as a fundraising initiative.

The alumni officers and board members want to thank everyone who helped with the planning of the reunion. We want to thank Dull & Heany Law Firm for allowing use of their office for planning meetings, the Warsaw School District for use of the building, the Warsaw R-9 maintenance department for set up and clean up, the Warsaw kitchen staff for preparing the delicious meal, and the Warsaw cheerleaders, Brooklyn Hetherington, cheerleader sponsor, and Kim Bohl, senior cheerleader captain's mother for being our servers and helping with clean up. The alumni officers and board want to thank everyone for their generous scholarship donations sent to the alumni association, or given at the reunion. Most importantly, classmates had the opportunity to reminisce and catch up with one another during a conversation filled afternoon and evening.

The next all-school reunion will take place in June, 2026.

Here is a list of attendees and (guest):

1948-Nellie Scott Harper
1951-Marcine Tally Woolridge
1952-Shirley Neas Dunshee & daughter Teri, George Keightley, Carter Kinkead
1953-Dorothy (Dottie) Antwiler Breshears, Paul Estes, Keith Johnson, Veta Salley Kinkead, Arlene Dull Lear, Robert Scott, Shirley Holley Scott, Greta Copp Hensley
1954-Celia Ferguson McMillen
1955-Wilda Moore Parlier
1956-Elizabeth Ann Ferguson Martin
1957-Louise Drake, Carolyn Keightley Fajen, Rick Fajen, Allen Holley, Doylene Hart McLerran, Lowell D. Moore, Turner & Wanda Shipman
1958-Joyce Breshears Bidstrup, Frances Conrad Breshears, Janis Johnson Cobb, Keigh Johnson, Carolyn Jeanne Atkins Moore
1959-Eddie Button, Joe Davisson, Linda McCartney Gregory, Roberta Buckley Henderson, Milton B. Hessefort, Linda Dunn Rassch, Teddi Wise Holley, Wilma Stull Keightley, Edwin McLerran, James & (Sandy) Poe,Dianne Martin Williams
1960-Jackie (J.D) & (Katherine Findley),Joe Freund, Gary & (Debbie) Noland
1961-Ann Drake Breshears, James (Jim) & (Sandy) Byrd, Ron Jenkins, Sharon Howe Karr, Robert & (Karen) Kinkead, Randy Price, Larry Sweeny
1962-Jill Price Barnett & (James Richard Leo Barnett), Betty Holley Cobb, Joe Franks, Joe Powell
1963-Janice Cothern Jenkins, Kaye Womack Mantonya, Jim Weaver
1964-Carlene Wafel Drussell, Judith Johnson & (Larry) Eckhoff,Karen Gemes Garnier, Terry Johnson, Sharon Kay Kirby Neas & guest, Wynema Long Rimmer, Mary Smith &( Dennis Sumners), Martha (Marty) Gardner Weaver
1965-Kenneth Mantonya, William Mills, Jackie Thomas
1966-Robert & (Deb) Barb, Joyce Spry Hasper, Stephen Hasper, Judith Kinkead, Barbara Pickard Mills, Sharon Mayes Noland, Cynthia (Cindy) Whitaker Pickard, Marsha Eaton Rudolph
1967-Sandy McCubbin McNally
1968-Jeanne Berryman Longan
1970-Ida Berlidene Spry Brown, Randall Eaton, Shawn Reser, Miller, James & (Tanna) Schmidli
1971-Herman(Bud) & (Donna) Balke, Sam & (Patty) Davisson, Gary Findley, Patricia Tatum Hazel, Virginia (Lorene) Kain Thomas
1972-Linda Williams Pierson, Leroy Whitaker
1973-Debra Berryman & (Jon) Arnold, Eddie Barnes, Steven Boeger, Billy Crowe, Greta Estes, Carolyn Campbell Findley, Pam Henderson, Dedra Swearngin & David Pease, Bill Pickens, Eddie Simons, Philip Slavens, Doug Stevens, Larry Whitaker, Clifford Downing & wife
1974-Rhonda Gregroy & (Alan) Bancroft, Roxanne Hutton Barnes, Maxine Walker & (Ken) Bowden, Charley & (V.Lynn) Bristow, Doris Turpen Gemes, Jack C. Jensen, Becki Boring Pickens, Nellie Dean "Vicki" Rice Riley & daughter, Elaine Harper Simons, Margie Button Slavens, Brad Spencer, DeAnna Schroder Spencer, Roberta (Robbie) Allen Weeks, Vickie Berryman Whitaker
1975-Lloyd Durham, Claudia Kingma Jensen Phillip Keith Pierson, Donna Stull
1977-Debra Kreisel Isabell, Drew Stowe
1978-Phillip Bybee &(Jerry Brandt),Kathy Kelly Crowe, Sue McDaniels Stevens, Sandra Yoder
1979-David Breshears, Ron Cobb, Stephen Porter, Debbie Stull Stowe
1980-Ann Kammeyer Porter, Mike Rash, Lamonte Yoder
1982-Tammy Byrum Rash
1983-Sherri Breshears & (Murray) Burrier
1984-Russell Holley, Cheryl Campbell Pendell, Keith Whitaker, Kelly Whitaker
1985-Lisa Breshears Everly
1986-Harold Mantonya
1987-Roxanna Porter Eckhoff, Rachelle Campbell Yoder
1989-Shannon Palmer Alcantara
1991-Amie Bell Breshears, James Hawley
1992-Jeffrey Polly
1995-Sherri Fairweather Hawley
1998-Scott Gemes, Katie Nail Siegel, Rebecka Smith Spencer
1999-Julie Logan Gemes, Keyanne (Hutchison) & Jason Hoover, Scott Spencer
2004-Maurice Vanierberg
2005-Dalton & (Lindsey) Stowe & daughter
2015-Joshua Pacheco
Years not listed-Connie Young Kidd, Martha Cox Ray, Richard & (Sybil) Scarborough,
Former teachers-Joe and Diane Bockelman, Jean Intelmann

Sorry if we missed anyone who's name is not listed.