WHS Music Department Attends State Choir Contest


FOURTEEN STUDENTS from the WHS Music Department competed at State Music Festival for solos and small ensembles on Saturday, April 27 on the Mizzou Campus. Receiving bronze were Angela Konopasek and Sonia Lasseigne on their vocal solos. Silver medals were awarded to soloists Ayden Burdick, Jayden Culbertson, Grace Drake, Eliana Jensen, Kathryn Lomax and Gabe Wassman. Also receiving silver was the Warsaw SAB (Alyson Alcantara, Jaxson Deckard, Grace Drake, Angela Konopasek, Kathryn Lomax and Elijah Long). State Music Festival for Large Ensembles was in early April. Band received a Silver Outstanding rating. The combined Women’s Choir and Madrigal both received Gold Exemplary ratings. Choral students are under the direction of Deanna Schockmann. Instrumental students are under the direction of Sandra Stewart.