WHS Students Explore, Connect And Unlock Their Future At Fair


Warsaw High School students explored various career choices at the Career Fair held in the WHS gym on Thursday.

The entire WHS student body was given the opportunity to meet with local business owners to explore job opportunities for the summer and the years beyond their high school days.

WHS faculty member Bobbi Swisher organized the day and invited various employers to talk to students about job opportunities.

“We wanted students to see what jobs are available close to home, not only for the summer but also as a starting place for their careers,” said Swisher.

Businesses participating included: Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare, United States Corps of Engineers, Truman State Park, Regal Industries, Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, Center for Human Services, City of Warsaw Pool, Kansas City Police Department, IMKO/Sedalia, Capital Materials-Midwest, Lisha Douglas-physical fitness; Benton County Dispatch; and various military branches.

Students enjoyed presentations that were afforded to them in hopes that information gathered may help them make their career decision.

"I think the career fair was good because it allowed us to see all kinds of different jobs and it can help us choose what we want to do after high school," junior

Kendall Bagley said. "I also liked that they explained what might be needed to pursue a certain career."

Many other students agreed.

"As a freshman, the career fair was beneficial because it gave me ideas for the future," said Maylee Slavens. "If I can choose my career as soon as possible, I can start taking classes that might be required for that job."

Some students took more time with some vendors than others.

"I talked to Lisha Douglas about athletic training and she had handouts and a lot of information," senior Josephine Kelsey said.

"The career fair was a lot of fun, but I learned a lot from Ms. Douglas," sophomore Ryan Fajen commented.

Though the vendor list cast a wide net of opportunity, some students felt that there could have been more offered.

"I thought the career fair was a little underwhelming," junior Carter Howell said. "I feel like there wasn't as many businesses at the fair as there has been in the past."

Sophomore Hailey Ferguson and junior Keira Mostaffa seemingly echoed that thought.

"I think it was a good experience, but I feel that there should have been more options and careers to look at," Ferguson said.

Mostaffa commented, "I expected there to be more businesses/careers for me to look at."

Freshman Mady Reimund, and sophomore Bailey Burnworth were just happy to see some options.

"I think I got what I needed from the career fair," Reimund said. "It helped me to see what I might want to do with my future."

"It gave us opportunities to look at some careers that we may be interested in," said Burnworth.

Sophomore Brennen Slavens agreed when he said, "As a student not knowing what I want to do in the future yet, this was a great way to learn about different job opportunities."

At the end of the day, information gathered just helps to give students an insight to possibilities.

"The career fair is good way for students to explore different caeers and what might suit them best," junior Jayce Depriest said.

A few vendors offered students applications on-the-spot.

“Some students signed up for interviews for possible summer jobs such as the Warsaw City Pool,” said Swisher.

"As the business developer with employment services at CHS, I was ble to talk to several students about opportunities for employment with the summer work experience," Carrie Rieman said. "CHS is partnering with Ann's Acres, Camp Cumcito and the Visitor's Center to provide employment opportunities for students with disabilities."

“It was a good day as students were interested to learn more about various career fields,” Swisher also said.

Senior Lovlie Haidusek commented, "It really gave us seniors a great insight into what our future could look like."

Sophomore Sadie Chapman may have summed up the day the best when she said, "The career fair is a great tool to teach students about their future and how possibilities are endless for students!"