Have I Got A Line For You!


Ran across an article last night about absurd laws that have been passed over the years. In Arizona it’s illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs and in Utah you can’t fish from horseback. Connecticut passed a law regulating the bounciness of pickles. In California big retail stores are required to offer gender neutral toy aisles. Our Federal Highway Administration wants to ban safety signs that both prevent crashes and help people feel better on their daily commute. “No more signage indented to be humorous” the government has declared. The term, There ought to be a law” comes to mind. How about scaling our laws back to the Ten Commandments? You’ve got to admit they’re good rules like, “Do unto others.” In the meantime, it’s 1984 and we’re living on Animal Farm. Montag has come to burn the books.
* * *
Losing your dog gives you many anxious moments. I know. I’ve been there. I remember as a kid when our dog Bozo suddenly disappeared. I also remember our worry about where he might be. We called all over town. This was over the 4th of July and Bozo was terrified of fireworks. Two days later a car stopped on Lay Avenue in front of our house. The passenger door was opened and out bounded Bozo. The man driving the car then drove on. Bozo seemed happy to be home again and we were happy too.
I bring this up because Mac Vorce had a scare Sunday when his dog took off down by the river and disappeared near the slough. He and his son Joseph searched for hours into the night with no luck until Monday. Titan was spotted curled up on the levy, a cold muddy mess but happy to be found.
* * *
Among emails this morning was from Chanelle King. She’s asking someone to go back in time with her. I just need to wire $10,000 to her account and bring my own weapons. Chanelle said she’s only done this once before and my safety is not guaranteed. If we get back safely she’ll return half of the money.
We’ve seen the past, wouldn’t it be more fun to take a peek at the future?
* * *
It’s a strange old world and big old world. There’s an awful lot we don’t know. Just as well Old Buddy.
* * *
'Til Next Week: