Have I Got A Line For You!


Lots of things headed our way. Whether we’ll like them or not, who knows. The Devil Comet will make an appearance on April 21. If it’s a clear night, we should be able to step outside and watch it sailing though the sky. Named The Devil Comet for its pair of horns, it won’t return until 2095. Many of us will have sailed somewhere else by then and I wonder what our world will be like? Life sure goes by fast, like the blink of an eye and I remember Hale-Bopp in 1997. What a splendid sight it was. When it zoomed across the sky I was living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and thought it was magnificent to see against the Rockies.
This spring two different broods of cicadas, one that lives on a 13 year cycle and the other on a 17 year cycle, will emerge at the same time from underground. The last time this synchronized event occurred was 1803. This miraculous duo won’t appear again until 2245. AMAZING! Close your eyes and imagine the sounds of cicadas, crickets, birds, frogs, toads and other species. If you were to travel back in time, 500 years ago, the same sounds would be present in our area during a warm summer night. Then as now, these sounds are a familiar reassurance. At least I’ve found that to be the case.
* * *
Let’s get back to the present. Judge McAffee said DA Fani Willis could stay on the election interference case against President Trump, even though her actions have, “The odor of mendacity, unprofessional-ism and a tremendous lapse in judgment.” This is just another version of yes Hillary destroyed 33 thousand emails that contained classified information, but shouldn’t be charged with anything. Same for Fani. She lied and mishandled a case against a former President, but no big deal. We’ll just tell her to clean up her act and move on. Lapse in judgment is the new code word for government officials who commit crimes. Every person that commits a crime has a lapse in judgment, don’t they? UNBELIEVABLE! Bet Fani feels so entitled she’ll run for Governor. Ain’t life grand in our Banana Republic?
* * *
I’ve rambled on a bit, but have enjoyed doing so. Take care of yourself Old Buddy and as subscriber Trevis Headings commented, “It’s a good day to have a good day!” You betcha.
* * *
'Til Next Week: