Have I Got A Line For You!


How many old signs do you remember? There was one at R-IX North Elementary that read, “What I Am Going to Be, I Am Now Becoming”. Many years ago The Hermitage Index had this saying on their masthead, “I Know Not What The Truth May Be, I Tell It As ‘Twas Told To Me”. I also remember an old commercial for some kind of casino in Reno. Hey, you could use those last three words to compose a limerick. All I can think of is a product named….”Beano” and there’s probably a better choice.
* * *
It was a beautiful weekend and I took Max (Schnauzer) for a walk along the river. For some reason, I thought about the many people who enter our lives from time to time and then disappear from the scene; gone somewhere, with lives of their own, just leaving behind good memories. Everyday though, we meet someone new or learn about something we didn’t know. Keeps us all going.
Last night, for instance, I bumped into “The Great Cross Of Hendaye”. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t either. It’s ancient and located in the French Pyreness with a strange inscription that’s believed to predict the end of the world. There is a book about it; probably won’t read it though. I’d rather read about the big super storm that’s supposed to change our lives and I already have that book. The author says the storm will be caused by…..you guessed it, climate change. I’ll read it on the deck with a glass of wine while watching the trees fly by. That’s the way to go!
* * *
Speaking of climate change, I bet that’s what scientists will say caused the earthquake in New Jersey. Who in their right mind would think that earthquakes are natural? Why would continents want to crash into each other? Thankfully, no one was hurt on Friday.
In 2015, Nepal was struck by a massive quake. Thousands were gone in the blink of an eye. It was caused by a chunk of rock that shifted 9 miles below the surface and caused a tremendous shock wave. I wonder if the Himalayas changed height as a result and are slightly taller now?
* * *
Ach du lieber, the day has flown by. Listen Old Buddy, take good care of yourself and say your prayers. In this troubled world, it’s not a bad idea.
* * *
'Til Next Week: