Have I Got A Line For You!


Here’s another swell idea. Our government wants to give free healthcare to thousands of illegal “newcomers” immigrants. What’s going to happen when the wheels come off this gravy train? Might be an endless banquet for everyone coming through the gates now, wait until they start going the other way. Actual citizens won’t get to leave when the collapse comes. Maybe when Americans who have healthcare coverage start dying in the waiting room, politics will be put aside. Those mean tweets will seem like a walk in the park.
* * *
INTERNATIONAL NEWS! The President of Ukraine says elections are suspended until after the war with Russia. How does this make him different from any other dictator, including Putin? So much for sending billions over there to, “defend democracy.” What did we expect in one of the most corrupt places on earth? We held elections here during the Civil War, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and every other war! What is President Zelensky afraid of?
* * *
Let’s jump to something else. Prince Harry is back in the spotlight for staging a Faux Royal visit to Nigeria. Guess privacy and living in peace are out the window. There are probably a lot of people on this side of the pond that have a bit of English blood and some genetic tie-ins with princes and kings from centuries ago, from one side of the blanket or another. Nothing to crow about though.
* * *
The rain on Monday reminded me of an old story I heard growing up about a flood in Warsaw. Before the dam, they came twice a year and hit lower Main Street. A gentleman named Ed Everett had to get on the roof of his house and was calling out into the night, “If I have any friends, let them come to me now!” Bet you’ve felt that way at times, too. In fact, I had that experience yesterday when a skunk took aim at Max (Schnauzer) and I while walking along lower Main Street. A perfect end to a crazy day.
* * *
An Irish Prayer
May those who love us,
love us;
And those who don’t love
May God turn their hearts;
May he turn their ankles,
So we’ll know them by
their limping.
* * *
Hope your Memorial Day weekend is peaceful Old Buddy and any troubles you have simply disappear.
* * *
'Til Next Week:

P.S. Originally Memorial Day was on May 30. Then “they” decided to change some holiday dates to allow for more three day weekends. By the way, who were “they” and who asked them to?